Titans coordinator talks up Jake Locker: “He’s worked his butt off”

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Pro Football Talk, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. SawdustMan

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    I can only speak for myself but I would love for Jake to prove me wrong. And I wouldn't feel "dumb" if he did anyway. I'm just basing my opinion off the evidence. And the evidence is that he's entering his 4th year and he's never been able to stay healthy and when he actually is healthy he's inconsistent.

    That said, I want him to be the guy. I'm just highly, highly skeptical.
  2. Dman

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    I don't care who the QB is as long as we win. I am more nervous he does ok this year signs an extension and continues to get hurt the next 3 years lol. I don't think he was worth the first round pick at the time and now too. I disagree I do not think locker can be a top ten qb easy as he still has trouble reading defenses and cannot throw accurate from within the pocket. We need a healthy QB play a full season and that hasn't happened since 2002 when McNair led the titans on a hot streak in to the playoffs. Damn it makes me miss the glory days a lot thinking about that.
  3. 5tweezyPOT

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    ehh I never considered you a jake hater...actually you seem to be pretty supportive from what ive seen cant recall much tho

    def not on dman level haha

    jk dman you aite
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  4. Dman

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    forgive me for the negativity I have been trying to get better but 20 years of watching this team, it is a lot of frustration the last few years. I just want to win!
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  5. Titans2004

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    The best thing that could happen to the team is for Locker to play well, but get hurt mid-season and for Mettenburger to come in and be the next Tom Brady. We would then have Mettenberger for cheap the next 3 yrs and be able to put significant cap money to upgrade other areas.

    A friend of mine has a side job of working for a card company getting cards signed by the players. He had a signing with Lewan about 1-2 weeks ago. Spent several hours with him while he signed all the cards. He said Lewan was not a jerk about things unlike many players. Obviously signing a bunch of cards isn't fun for those guys. He said that Lewan raved about Mettenburger.
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    I live in Philadelphia and we are pretty much legends for being rough and demanding a lot of all our teams. My city is rough when it comes to their sports. If a team can't cut here because the fans are too "rough" my entire city would publicly bare them a grueling farewell! lol
  7. TitansWillWin2

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    Dude VY was accurate as all his last two seasons here. He had almost a 100 passer rating. Something Locker hasn't even sniffed yet. It didn't start clicking for VY until his last two seasons. Unfortunately it ended in a bad way and ruined his career.

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    VY was accurate ok, and Im 6'5" black guy named Earl.
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    I personally LOVE Jake as a person & player. His attitude on and off the field make him a valuable piece to any offense. Now, all that said, he scares me too. It is also his attitude on the field that is scary. He is a QB and should not be trying to tackle huge DEs like JJ Watt when they intercept a ball (Which caused the 1st shoulder injury). Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would laugh in the face of anyone suggesting they do such a thing. Jake's competitive spirit is what caused that injury. He has to be smarter with his body. I love the fact that the guy "Wanted to clean up his own mess on that play", but he is not built to tackle guys like Watt. It says a lot about his character & his love for this team that he was willing to take on a guy that physical & that size. However, I really hope he has learned that he is too valuable to us for him to put himself in those types of situations. I am full aware that this was just one of his injuries as I am sure many will point out very quickly after reading this, but I must say when he tackled him I was excited about it until it cost us our starter for the year. He has to be more durable & smarter with his body to be able to stay on the field. If he can do that I really think he has the tools to be great.
  10. kenny

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    VY was a product of short yardage screens designed to keep VY from having to throw the ball over 10 yards. Fisher saw that he had a mobile QB that wasn't much more than that. The offense had to be tailored to suit him to the extent that we rarely had a play over 20yds unless Cj broke a long run. VY has way more frustrating to watch than Jake, based on VYs attitude alone. He had 0 character and thought he was the next coming. He sucked, his attitude sucked, and he had no metal toughness. Which is why he ultimately failed here & everywhere else he played as a back up.
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