Titans Come Together for Minicamp This Week

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  1. First of all I won't give your garbage post the board space it would take to repeat it. Secondly, I emailed Mr. Kuharsky and he emailed me back. As an honor to his journalistic professionalism, that was a private email and I wiil not exploit anything we discussed with unworthy people such as yourself. Most of the members on this board are worthy of the content and those of you who know you aren't know who you are, basically, you mean me ill will and you mean Andre ill will. If the shoe fits where it. If you are interested in a very interesting email.... PM me, I will share.... WU.... Gunny - Your copy is on the way in a few minutes.... WU
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    You're welcome.
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    Woolfolk's job is on the line this year. While I dont think he will be released, he will be fighting for playing time at the Nickle/#2 CB. Woolfolk has loads of potential but just cant stay healthy
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    I guess Andre has'nt gotten his emotions under controll yet?:lol:
  6. Nice joke, but to the contrary. I guess you've never met him or know very little about him..... Sometimes his emotions are too controlled.....
  7. how can ur emotions be too controlled
  8. I am very active in sports myself of course not at a professional by any means. In some situations, it pays to be hyped up. Andre is just cool calm and collective all the time. Sometimes natural aggression is intensifield and when it has strong emotions behind it channeled the right way, an explosion of positive reaction can be triggered, i.e. a B-ball player erupting into a dunk with a yell at the end. Now because of Andre's amazing self control mechanism, he does not do classless things, ever and I am proud of that. In the same thought, I have seen him erupt in emotion, such as when he caught a big TD vs Texas one year, that is an OU postcard and highlight film forever. (I have that clip and can email it to whomever wants it) or when he caught the winning TD vs K-State in the Big 12 Championship, catipulting OU to the Orange Bowl and then National Championship in his soph season - (have that clip also). If you want them PM me
Thread Status:
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