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    INDIANAPOLIS Titans receiver Damian Williams, linebacker Colin McCarthy, quarterback Rusty Smith, guard Mitch Petrus, tackle Daniel Baldridge, receiver Lavelle Hawkins and defensive tackle DaJohn Harris are inactive for today’s game vs. the Colts.

    Fernando Velasco starts at left guard in place of Kevin Matthews.

    Kevin Matthews starts at center in place of Fernando Velasco.

    Tim Shaw starts at middle linebacker in place of Colin McCarthy.

    Receiver Nathan Palmer, safety Tim Zbikowski, running back Donald Brown, linebacker Mario Harvey, tackle Bradley Sowell, defensive tackle Kellen Heard and guard Joe Reitz are inactive for the Colts.

    Seth Olsen will start at left guard in place of Joe Reitz for the Colts.

    Vick Ballard will start at running back in place of Donald Brown.

    Pat Angerer will start at middle linebacker in place of Kavell Conner

    Joe Legefed will start at strong safety in place of Tom Zbikowski.

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    Colin McCarthy? Who's that...
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    Our MLB that we need to replace.
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