Smack Titans-Chiefs Smackathon Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Laserjock, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Honestly I wasn't impressed with KC. I thought we were flat at times and out of sync on offense despite how good the D was playing. I think we didn't play our best on defense as well by not capitalizing on turnovers. We spotted them 7 points and gambled on another sure 3. We also had a spur of the moment QB change.

    The Chiefs just don't scare me. At all. There's not a team we've played I don't feel like we wouldn't beat if we played again (Houston and Chiefs). Locker will be back in after the bye and we still have a shot at winning one or both of our next games. I think our offense will get going faster next week and our defense will rise to the challenge.

    Pretty pleased with our season so far.

    P.S. Kept it live in our section all game. Had a little Chiefs fan all flustered during the game because we kept shutting them up. I know our team probably feels like they let one slip.

    It's a long season. Let's hope for the Chiefs Round 1.
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    get the cows again and nobody at BSP (or whatever it is now) will be a bit askerd of facing the Chefs in the POs, even if it is in Arrowhead
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    It's our board.. you're coming to our board, bitching, and saying we are crybabies.

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  5. Wizard82

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    And you call Chiefs fans classless haha. Personal insults on message boards are the ultimate sign of trash. Get a life man.
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    hem bad ole wefewees! Sniff, sniff, sniffle, sniff.
  7. tges58

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    It doesn't matter if they scare you or not. You aren't playing. KCs defense has shut down Michael Vick, Eli Manning and Tony Romo. Do you REALLY think they'd be sweating Jake Locker? LMAO!

    It was the referees, now it's injuries, what's next? You gonna start whining about the weather? KC has a new FO, coaching staff, offensive scheme, new QB, their offensive line hasn't played together much, they lost their starting RT, and their three top TEs are out with injuries, so quit whining about everything. KC had some horrible calls on them too, like the BS PI on Berry which I believe led to a score for you. I've mentioned that before but you all don't seem to want to acknowledge that. I wonder why?

    As far as getting KC in round one(that's assuming you even MAKE the playoffs), bring it on. You'll more than likely have to play KC at Arrowhead. That wouldn't end well for your boys in baby blue.
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    that is your argument? All of those qb's suck!!! Vick and Romo can put up fantasy points but they lose in the end. Eli is terrible this year. Terrible argument here fool!
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    I'll tell you like I told the fans Chiefs fans at the game. Your not scaring anybody. I'm sure our players feel the same way.

    I was unimpressed. You'll probably drop a few to the other teams in our division. Denver will destroy you. You guys might make playoffs but you'll lose 1st round and go home sad to your boring a*s city.

    Pick me up some barbeque ay?
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    You are a complete retard ******* if you thought that no-call PI in the endzone and the person foul on the Alex Smith sideline hit were legit. Clear fouls and cost the Titans at least 7 points. Basically you guys were spotted 14+ points by the refs and Reynaud's *******. Just accept it. Chiefs are taking advantage of the easiest schedule in the league and having the luxury of playing the NFC East.

    Enjoy the W and GTFO. Go back to your forums. Enjoy your first year of relevance in the first time since the Trent Green/Priest Holmes/Dante Hall days.

    Have fun with 9-0 and going one and done in the playoffs again. We've been there before too.
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