Titans / Cardinals Comparison?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Lol thought id be funny to sneak into the Arizona Cardinals fan forum after thier most recent 0-58 loss to Seattle - just to get a sneak peek at what they were yappin' about.

    Funny how they "complain" about their cheap owner Bidwell just as much as we all "complain" about out cheap owner Adams - Both Owners need to just go. Both franchises are starving for a switch up; up and down the front office. Both franchises have never won a NFL Superbowl and both have been to 1 and lost, ironically the same QB (Warner) had a part in both contests ...

    Yes the Cardinals and Titans share many similarites - mediocrity, falling flat as a franchise, having a glimpse of hope by both reaching 1 Superbowl only to be let down. Titans by 1 yard. Cardinals after a late Fitz TD give it all back with a last minute TD drive by Big Ben. Oh the similarities ... and did I mention how both owners NEED TO GO ...

    Most recently a 0-58 defeat which is eerily similiar to what happened to the Titans not long ago ...

    Here is just a few samples of what some of the "Faithful Red Bird" Fans are saying ...


    OOOOOO and one more comparison of these two franchises just to top if off with a cherry ...


    VY could be playing for both franchises ... ?
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