Titans and Collins Agree in Principle to Terms

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GoTitans3801, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Thats not exactly the case. Several years ago, McNair was injured, Neil O'Donnel got the start at a rowdy Pittsburg game. In the fourth quarter, Neil was hurt, McNair who was the emergency QB, came in and led the Titans to a victory, throwing a TD pass to TE Erron Kinney. Billy Volek(who would have been the 2nd string QB, due to McNair's injury)
  2. Blazing Arrow

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    I hear what you are saying RT about being a backup but will he stay in that role? He did not want to sign with us when he was going to be a backup but we are struggling now and he does? His motive is obvious that he thinks he can take the starting role. That is where it is going to start. This type of stuff will boil over in the locker room and heads will role. He will try to make a case he should be starting and he will do it in the locker room and not on the field. We would not be the first team to have issue with this guy in the locker room. Carolina, NY, Oakland all had issues with this guy and they were mainly not obvious ones but what you do not ever see. I live in the Oakland bay area and not that that make me an expert but I know plenty of die hard Raider fans who could see his issue. You need to see him play to really understand it. As a backup he might be ok but I promise you that is not why he thinks he is here. He will not accept that role and will cause trouble off the field telling the fans and anyone who will listen that how he can out perform Volek.

    He chokes when it counts in games. He is not a very accurate passer and he stares down receivers. He got Moss hurt last season with poor passing. He does not protect the ball when he gets sacked or hit in the back field, something that we should be really concerned about. He is notorious for over throwing players. I would love to find the number of balls he has thrown that were returned for large yardage or a TD. He got booed off the field last year in Oakland to the chants Collins Sucks. He is a racist. He could not lead children to a pool much less an NFL team. He has no heart.

    Not even close. The Raiders felt that he would be good development for Toi who they thought was going to be the savior. Collins was never expected to do much on the Raiders they were just unsure of how well Toi would handle his situation. Toi sucks so now they have Brooks. Do you really think the Raiders would give up Collins for Brooks without good reason?
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    Soxcat, I agree with you. Problem is there are so many on here who want Volek to fail so Young can play.
  4. skitch

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    I give up!
    What the hell!
    Go with the flow!
    Go Collins!
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    Here's the rule from 1995:

    The emergency (third) quarterback may now enter the game in just the fourth quarter, regardless if the other two quarterbacks are able to play. This means that if the third string quarterback enters the game, the first and/or second quarterback may re-enter, unlike the past two seasons where the emergency quarterback would only play off the first two were unable to resume play.
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    An inactive 3rd QB is not part of the gameday active roster of 45 players. He can still play but if he enters the game in the 1st 3 quarters the other QB's can't be used again.

    If the 3rd string QB is part of the 45 man active roster any of the QB's can enter or re-enter the game at any time.

    Its all about the active roster


    I don't see Young being de activated under any circumstances. Think about this. What is the worst that can happen? Volek proves better and we have collins just in case. Collins proves a better fit to Chows offense and beats out Volek? Either way, we are gonna have the best QB on our roster starting. Can anyone see this line up happening...


  8. Ewker

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    Ha...:ha: :moon2: :brow:
  10. RyansTitans

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    Collins wont beat out Volek end of story
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