Titans Agree to Terms with Hope

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. GLinks

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    Robert Reynolds?
  2. Spinnaker

    Spinnaker Guest

    I think finally we got a little depth and leadership in the locker-room, I mean, Hope and Givens have ben to a super bowl in the last 2 years, thornton played with a team that almost went 16-0 and Mawae is a veteran thats seen more action that just about anyone. We always had talent, but not anyone that really stood out.
  3. Spinnaker

    Spinnaker Guest

    Also I think we need to get that LB from NY( i think he's middle) I think his name is Bently, then we can be settled with linebackers, if not we might need to try to get someone similar to a Lofa Tatupu in the draft.And if all else fails start rocky boiman. And the secondary looks set, unless tank williams leaves, then we will have to move either lamont or hope, I personely we're going to start both with no doubt, but we must adjust. D-line is good, get Haynesworth healthy and we'll have 2 of the best lineman in the league along with vanden-bosch. Antwon Odom reminds me of a young Jevon Kearse. And LaBoy is improving dramaticly. When it comes to offense, I still feel a little shallow at Wide Receivers. Sure Givens is a great asset that should also improve Bennet in turn.But Brandon Jones will not be 100%, Courtney Roby is all fine and good, but had trouble staying healthy Roydell Williams is kinda on and off, and Tyrone Calico is a joke. Running back, I still don't think we have a good playmaker, we want to run, but drift away, we ask why, BECAUSE WE CAN'T! Chris Brown is inconsistant in health and playing, Cheese was a flippin' waste of a draft pick, I think we'd be better off trading him and Sirmon with some combo deal.Jarret Payton continues to amaze me.QB everybody thinks we are going to snag a QB in the draft, but i don't know, We might surprise some people and get a Wide out or Linebacker like Jarrett or Hawk. I highly doubt it, but expect the unexpected. O-line, I think we are pretty good, Keep em' healthy and happy, I still think we need to snag a left guard in the 2nd round, and also, work on our penalties in all our positions.
  4. Gunny

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    Reynaldology has given its stamp of approval to this signee with that comment.
  5. Titans2008

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    Jarrett didn't come out...
  6. MadAboutMcNair

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    This is great news. I do wonder who will play where and what will ultimately happen with Thompson. But more than anything else I am excited about the upgrade in talent, and the increased flexibility this will bring to the safety position.
    If Fuller is healthy I could see Lamont getting cut later on. What kind of cap impact would that bring I wonder?
  7. Banger21

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    Robert Reynolds is not a starting MLB in the NFL, lets be honest here.
  8. Tackhead #9

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    Damn this crazy offseason. Now I gotta go change my crummy signature again. :lol:
  9. LORY21

    LORY21 Starter

    hope asked the steelers for 4 mio $ per year and clark got 7 mio for 4 years! :winker:
    "Pay me like a Top 5 - Safety"
  10. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    Any chance we take a safety in the 2nd round if Bing, Simpson or Allen is available or will we take a LB with our 2nd round pickfor sure.
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