Titans # 8 on List of Teams Under Most Pressure

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Jun 5, 2013.


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    This team was emotionally fragile last year. The year before even worse, so it's about right for people to limit their expectations right now. We're still a year away from being the team we need to be.

    But I feel you, Im sick of the losing, and it needs to stop this year.

    If we make the Super Bowl it'll be because of another miracle.
  3. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    All I want is a wildcard.

    Be better than the Bengals, Dolphins, Colts and Chargers. That's all you got to do.

    If Locker and Munch can't do that in year three then hit the bricks.
  4. Msut10

    Msut10 Starter

    The way I see it, we either make the playoffs or we get Greg Williams as a HC. Kind of a win win haha!
  5. Alzarius

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    A good team still cant do crap without a good QB. This is the year we judge Locker, and Munch. If I see hope for the team at the end of the season, then great. If we dont make the playoffs and Munch gets fired, then so be it.

    However... our defense SUCKED last season. Reality (not false expectations like everyone had last season) tells me that our defense isnt all of a sudden going to become a top notch defense. We still need players and even right now, need another DE.

    Hill, huge question mark. This signing alone could be one of the biggest difference makers on defense for us on whether we suck again, or get a lot better

    Pollard, great attitude, kinda blows in coverage.

    Wilson, may actually be a more balancedstarter over Pollard, but we need his attitude.

    Huge DE that I cant even remember his name.

    The biggest defensive signing this off season was Williams. Can he and Gray transform the ****fest we had last year into something much better this year? Who knows, we will find out. However Im not going to build myself up like everyone did last season. I realize we have 2 MAJOR questions

    1. Locker

    2. Williams impact on the defense.

    If both of those go well, playoffs. If one goes well but the other doesnt, 8-8. If both go bad, I delete my account so I dont have to watch a bunch of grown men act like schoolgirls after every game.

    It isnt "settling", its reality.
  6. Titans Eternal

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    If the FKING BENGALS can do it, why can't we. qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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  7. Alex1939

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    Playoffs or ****ing bust. Last season was too awful for anything else to allow Munch to slide.

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  8. TitansWillWin2

    TitansWillWin2 Starter

    If Britt goes off this year and we tag him next year then it we will have a chance. Right now we have one WR, Washington, who's future is unknown and two young unproven WR's. If we lose Britt next year and Wright doesnt show progress or if Hunter is a scrub, we will be hurting at the WR position!

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    And if a meteor hits one of them in the head at practice we'll really be in trouble.
  10. Thaddeus43

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    Good read, but I didn't agree with some that were on the list, or the rankings of some ... Here are my 12 teams 'feeling the heat' in the coming months

    1. Jets - Sanchize has fallen apart, and Ryan's big mouth makes every loss they take seem that much worse. You can add to that the Tebow experiment that failed dramatically, how terrible they were last year, and the fact that they will now go into a 2nd straight year with a big time QB controversy. Plus they are in NY, so the media scrutiny will be crazy ... There is no way the Jets shouldn't be #1 on this list.

    What must be accomplished: Playoffs or else the Sanchez/Ryan days are over.

    2. Dallas Cowboys - Agree with the article here. Romo is getting paid like a SB winning QB, but can't seem to play well in big games. Garrett hasn't done anything either despite being in a pretty mediocre division.

    What must be accomplished: Win division or win at least 1 playoff game

    3. Carolina Panthers - They have failed to do anything since drafting Newton #1. And the hype that he brought with him will just pile on the pressure for this team. Newtons attitude has brought extra scrutiny/critisism as well, which just makes the situation even worse.

    What must be accomplished: 9-7, Newton can't cry after each loss either

    4. Tennessee Titans - Similar to the Panthers, the Titans have a QB going into his 3rd year with a lot to prove. The rest of the team has looked good at teams, and really really bad at times. Now that Munch and the FO have restocked the team with quality FAs, there are no excuses for this team and coaches.

    What must be accomplished: Playoffs

    5. Tampa Bay Bucs - agree with the article here, they have spent a TON of money on FAs lately, and are still a laughing stock. The only thing that teams fear when playing the Bucs is suffering knee injuries when kneeling on the ball at the end of games.

    What must be accomplished: 9-7, end the season well.

    6. Lions - Only 1 playoff apperance under Schwartz so far. It looked like they finally turned the corner 2 years ago, but went back to thier old ways last year. And now it seems the rest of the the division has caught up and passed them.

    What must be accomplished: Playoffs

    7. Bengals - They gave Marvin Lewis another chance to turn the team around, and he seems to have done it, but its time to take that next step. They made the playoffs the last 2 years, but got embarassed both times in the WC rd. It shouldn't be enough just to get to the playoffs anymore. They need to win.

    What must be accomplished: Win a PO game.

    8. Texans - Kind of like the Bengals, they have made the playoffs the last 2 years only to be embarrassed by the real SB contenders. They seem to start out hot, but fade down the stretch. For a team with a lot of talent they should be better than this, but they have a less than impresseive HC and QB and a closing window to accomplish their goals.

    What must be accomplished: appear in the AFC title game.

    9. Steelers - Embarassed by the Tebow lead Broncos 2 years ago, and 3rd in the division last year. An aging team that seems to be going in the wrong direction. If they don't get things turned around this year, then they could be heading for some rough times.

    What must be accomplished: Playoffs

    10. Broncos - As much as the media loves Peyton, he has always struggled to win in the post season. Fox will let Manning run things for as long as he wants probably, but I don't think it will translate into SB wins. If it doesn't, then Fox will be in trouble when Manning leaves, and he has no one to hide behind, and nothing to show for it.

    What must be accomplished: playoff wins / SB appearance.

    11. Eagles - Only team with a Rookie HC to appear on my list ... There has been a lot of hype around Chip Kelly and his radical style of practice and offensive gameplans. A lot of people don't think it will work in the NFL, so he will be under a lot of pressure to either prove that it can work, or that he can adapt. If it doesn't, then I think his NFL stay could be quite short. Mike Vick will also be under pressure to prove his increasing number of doubters wrong.

    What must be accomplished: Vick - Stay healthy, play consistant. Kelly - Don't embarass your self

    12. Saints - Payton is coming back from a year long suspension, so its no question that all eyes will be on him and his Saints team. Can they get back to pre-bounty gate form?

    What must be accomplished: 9-7
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