Post-Game Thread Titans 28, Browns 26

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. TitanJeff

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    Let's go for the trifecta!
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  2. Ten_Titans

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    So can we just pick right back up with roasting @GrayGhost1951 for trying to turn the game thread into "locker room talk"?
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  3. The Playmaker

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    Very interested to watch the Colts-Texans game tonight. If we can beat the Colts next Sunday that Thursday night game (which I'm making the drive for) gets a bit more exciting.

    Not a whole lot to complain about today. Mariota made some good throws and plays today. I think it's commonly known now that Mariota has to improve when under pressure but if that's our biggest complaint then I'll take it, a lot of great QBs don't play well under pressure.

    The Browns sold out to stop Murray today and our offense was still able to adjust and score. Mariota started slinging the ball past the chains and that opened up some running lanes in the 2nd half.

    Nice to see Kendall Wright making some plays, kinda want to bring him back for the next few years now but I won't get too excited yet.

    12 sacks our last 2 games, our DBs may be our biggest weakness but the pressure we're getting on the QB kinda masks that group. Lebeau still has it, joke about his age all you want.

    If we want to be a real contender our Special Teams has to improve. What should have been a big win and a momentum shift ended up being the feeling of just escaping with a win despite being in control for most of the game.
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  4. SalmonSlayer

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    Lol...if we all changed our avatars to female pictures, I'm sure he'd be locker room talking to all.
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  6. Aqutis30

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    Well they had me worried at the end after that onside kick, which obviously shows that our ST is still of the suck but overall I was pleased with the team's performance today. I must tip my hat to the Brownies defense, they came to stop the run and did a good job of slowing it down.
  7. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Their DL was a good test for us today and they have a couple really good LBs that can stuff the run. Titans were still able to put up 28 points today (I know, the Browns). It makes me feel a little bit better knowing we can still score when our bread and butter isn't working.
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  8. TitanJeff

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    I was thrilled to see Wright play so well. If he has regained his form, he and Walker should be a solid tandem the rest of the way.

    Mariota played well. It's as if he now has that clock going off in his head to just tuck and run and that makes him much more effective, IMO. The INT was dumb but he's making better decisions the last couple of weeks.

    I don't like that the Titans couldn't take over the game once up by 15. We were smelling blowout and it would have been fun to just crush the Browns.

    Rams losing again makes it even sweeter.
  9. Gunny

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    The streak is over. We finally beat the Browns!
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  10. Gut

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    The good....

    Mariota had 3 huge plays, 2 by air and 1 by ground. 3 TDs and 350yds of offense!!! Improved decion making on one play where he had previously forced it and gave up a pick six. Took the sack this time.

    The return of Kendall Wright!!!

    Big time catches by Matthews and Wright!

    Decent pass protection.

    Some good play calling on a few drives and the TD to Fasano.

    Our D was pretty good today!!! Cox and McCourty played much better today! Casey Morgan and Rak were REALLY good!!!

    The bad...

    The run game. Could not sustain blocks in the middle and failed to adjust via personnel, play call and %of play action!

    Special Teams! Felt like we got a penalty on almost every punt return! Giving up an onside kick on their first try could have led to this game getting tied up. Turned a comfortable win into a nail biter!

    Play calling for the majority of the game. On 3rd and 15 just outside of fg range we had no outlet to get us into fg range. In 2min we run a sideline play with timeouts. Needed to throw the ball over the middle the last two plays to get more yards for a shorter fg try.

    Mariota still made a throw across his body that's a completion in college but more times than not, an interception in the NFL. Gotta keep learning to live to fight another day.

    Tackling. We had a lot of trouble tackling the not too elusive Kesseler and we still had some bad tackle attempts (Searcy comes to mind)!

    The Browns!!!
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