Titans 15th Anniversary And What We've Done Overall

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    Saw another topic where the subject was about how we are one of the least talked about teams in the league.While we haven't done much lately i still think that overall in the last fifteen years since we started we are better than many other teams throughout the sport.There hasn't been a lot of coaching changes or much changing of QB's either since '99 so you could say we've been quite stable overall.After McNair we've had Young and now Locker and while his predecessor didn't work out it would be great to see Locker have a career like McNair.

    With an overall record of 125-99,the best record in the league twice,made the playoffs on average of every couple seasons,including a trip to the Super Bowl.The team has had success along with the occasional losing season here and there but in my opinion we should and will be talked about more once the team bounces back.I am rooting heavily for Munchak as well as Locker to turn things around and hopefully he will show enough improvement to lead us to the postseason as well as keep his career alive here also.

    Even if we are one of the least talked about teams in the media the fact remains that we have won our fair share of games and there are plenty of teams that might get talked about more but that doesn't mean much.There are teams that have gone through a dozen QB's and half dozen head coaches not to mention a horrible winning percentage.

    I feel like we are starting to finally put together a pretty good team the main question mark is how well Locker performs because not only is his job at stake but so is the coaching staff as well and i'd hate to see this team be on the brink of being really good and then have a bad season because its been said that its win or else so if things don't change the whole thing gets blown up and we will be right back at square one.

    While we haven't had much success finding a good steady QB we've always had a good offensive line with vets Michael Roos and David Stewart along with rookie Chance Warmack and free agent pro bowler Andy Levitre as well as running game here first with Eddie George and now with Chris Johnson who is a couple good seasons away from breaking Eddie's franchise record for rushing.We have the best WR depth here for the first time in over a decade.We haven't had a good steady number one receiver since Derrick Mason left but Nate Washington has come close to filling that role.The WR depth is wild in a way because beyond Washington and last years rookie Wright there is some uncertainty.We don't know how well Britt will perform or if he will stay out of trouble.The rookie Jason Hunter has been battling to stay healthy.That leaves Damian Williams,Kevin Walter and Marc Mariani who is back from a leg injury trying to win the return job over Darius Reynaud.At tight end we just brought in Delanie Walker from the 49ers to replace Jared Cook and we also have Craig Stevens.We haven't had a really good tight end since Frank Wycheck.

    On defense we used to be really good when we had players like Keith Bulluck,Jevon Kearse,Kyle Vanden Bosch,Albert Haynesworth as well as scrappy defenders like Cortland Finnegan.But the last few seasons things have really declined on defense quite a bit.We had the worst defense in the league last year which is why we brought back a face from our successful past in Gregg Williams.We just brought in veterans like Bernard Pollard and George Wilson to provide leadership and to bring intensity to back to the defense thats been missing.We are a young team on the defensive side of the ball with players like Jurrell Casey,Derrick Morgan,Colin McCarthy,Akeem Ayers and Zach Brown who i think will improve greatly this season.We drafted Blidi Wreh Wilson,Zaviar Gooden,Lavar Edwards,Khalid Wooten and Damian Stafford for the defense.One thing we had trouble with was stopping the run so we brought in veteran Sammie Lee Hill to help out.

    One area i also think we improved at is in the coaching department.I think Gregg Williams is going to turn things around because the last couple coaches Cecil and Gray haven't fared well at all.On offense we have Sylvester Croom dealing with the running backs and while Ernest Byner was good i feel like Croom saw something and spoke up about it where maybe someone else would've let things be and that is having two backs.Now we will have Shonn Greene coming in for short yardage plays as well as red zone too.Having Greene come in will definitely keep C.J. fresh for longer periods.

    We are definitely a team on the rise especially in the AFC South.For us to have any chance at beating teams like Houston we are going to have to really improve.In fact our first few games are going to be a big test with us opening on the road against Pittsburgh and then off to Houston and finally heading back home to face San Diego.I do think those first three games will tell a lot about just how good this team can be.
    Year by Year Record Since '99


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    I made a thread that showed every team's records since 1999 and we came out 7th best...

    So while we haven't won a Super Bowl, we've had it better than at least 20 teams.
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    7th best so we are in the top ten but like you said the lack of titles hurts.We definitely need to start winning again because the drought now is going on a half decade without a trip to the playoffs.
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