Titans’ offense piles up penalties

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    One reason the Titans offense has struggled through the first two weeks is the amount of penalties the unit has compiled.

    As a team, Tennessee has been penalized a combined 15 times in the first two contests – but 13 of those calls have gone against the offense, with just one against the defense and one against the special teams.

    All six Titans penalties in the season opener were called against the offense, and seven of the nine in Sunday’s loss were against the offense.

    “It’s something we tried to fix from last week, but obviously we didn’t,” Titans guard Andy Levitre said. “It just comes down to technique and stopping when the whistle blows, things like that.”

    Titans coach Mike Munchak pointed out three offensive penalties that negated good gains against the Texans: a hold on Delanie Walker that brought back a Chris Johnson run, a hold on Kenny Britt that nullified a Kendall Wright reception; and a personal foul on center Rob Turner that eliminated a 13-yard screen to Johnson.

    “We had some good plays called, but hurt ourselves three times with penalties,” Munchak said. “Those are the things I’m more concerned with cleaning up.”

    Through two weeks, Walker, Britt and Turner have all committed two penalties.

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    And bad coaching.
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    Or plays which probably never happen if the player didn't commit the penalty.
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