Titans’ Harris still seeking to regain top form

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    The Titans are hoping a couple days of rest will continue to help guard Leroy Harris regain his full health leading up to the regular season.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak and offensive coordinator Chris Palmer both acknowledged Monday that Harris isn’t yet up to the level he needs to be, following an offseason that included knee and shoulder surgeries.

    Asked to evaluate the new interior of the Titans’ offensive line, which includes Steve Hutchinson at left guard, Fernando Velasco at center and Leroy Harris at right guard, Palmer said, “I thought Fernando played very, very well (against Arizona). The last couple of weeks he’s done a very good job. Hutch is an All-Pro guy that’s a crafty veteran. I think Leroy has his good days and his bad days, but he’ll continue to get better.”

    Munchak said that giving Harris some days off – such as Sunday and Monday – should help in the recovery process.

    “Because he had the knee surgery, had the shoulder surgery, he’s not quite where we need him to be as far as playing,” Munchak said. “So again, that’s why we’ve been trying to take it easy in practice, get him a little chance to recover, and then that way he can play more in the games. He’s played quite a bit in all three games, and he’ll do the same this week.

    “He’s the last one to get over the hump a little bit with endurance. When you have knee surgery and shoulder (surgery), it’s more about endurance with your injuries. That’s kind of what he’s battling right now. But we’re happy with how he’s playing. He’s just got to be able to build up his endurance.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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