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    Titans training camp is only a few days old, but a few players have already caught the eye of coordinators Dowell Loggains and Jerry Gray – when they look across the line of scrimmage.

    Here’s what Loggains, the team’s offensive coordinator, had to say about who has impressed him on the defensive side of the ball.

    “The guys that really stood out to me on tape so far to this point are Akeem (Ayers), Zach Brown and (Bernard) Pollard,” Loggains said. “Their speed, the athleticism of the two linebackers, shows up a lot on tape. And Pollard’s leadership, his knack for the run game and zone coverage and finding the right spot.”

    Has Ayers developed to the point that he’s an especially dangerous pass rusher?

    “We’re never going to put (Chris Johnson) on him or Shonn Greene for that matter,” Loggains said. “When you start talking about (Ayers) from that standpoint, (defensive coordinator Jerry Gray and senior assistant/defense Gregg Williams) have a lot of flexibility to move him around and do different things.”

    When Gray was asked for which players have stood out to him on offense so far, he talked about running back Chris Johnson and the offensive line.

    “When I look over there, I look at Chris Johnson,” Gray said. “Chris is a special guy. He had a couple runs (Friday) that you like to see Chris do three or four times in a game because I know that’s 21 points — I promise you. There ain’t many guys going to catch him.

    “I think Chris Johnson is doing a fantastic job. I think the offensive line is understanding what they need to do to help Chris get to where you got to go. Because for me, if you can run the ball well in this league, you’re going to win a lot of football games.”

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  3. Brew City

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    I like what I hear about the young linebackers. We can have a top 5 unit if everyone stays healthy. Fingers crossed.
  4. Ensconatus

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    3k...... Give me a break
  5. 5tweezyPOT

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    I was gonna go 5k but I thought that might be just out of reach
  6. RockyTop Fox

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    :whack: Bad.
  7. RockyTop Fox

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    I'm glad to hear Ayers is doing well.. we need all the pass rushing help we can get.
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