Titan LB's, where's the wood ?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by danny, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Bulluck

    Bulluck Camp Fodder

    Bulluck doesnt make the Pro Bowl because we suck
  2. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    Bulluck doesn't make it because he is simply not physical enough.

    Listen You can go out and make 200tckles and a guy can make 100tackles but if he made big hits and was a presence. He is going to go over you even if you made 100 more tackles his presence and knack for big hits will put him over.

    Can you name 1 Finesse LB who made it to a ProBowl and i'm not talking as an alternate.

    There is not 1 Finesse LB in the Hall of Fame Urlacher rarely makes big hits but he is a presence that can'tbe denied.

    Did you not see Hawk today early on he was getting blocked but as the game progressed he showed why he was a presence. He showed why ND game plan was to get a Hat on him and #51.

    Guys like him are like Throwback backers in terms of presence and attitude. The guy was hyped and nasty straight nasty.
  3. Bulluck

    Bulluck Camp Fodder

    Its not his lack of being physical that leaves him out (which I agree with, dont let my name fool you I criticize him as much as the next guy). But why did a guy like Derrick Brooks get in so much?
  4. ammotroop

    ammotroop Airforce MAN

    Our LB is sitting at OHIO st right now...dont pass on a good thing!
  5. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    Name me a dominant physical OLB who doesn't get burned.

    Bulluck is rock solid at OLB. And he does lay wood when offenses are stupid enough to take it outside toward him. It doesn't happen often.

    He's not a pro-bowl pick because the Titans suck. The pro-bowl selection is a kangaroo court anyway. What's the excuse for leaving KVB at home?
  6. THE53

    THE53 Guest

    Are you kidding me?!?!? Theres no rule that you have to hit hard to make the pro bowl. He was left off because his team didnt do well. He was first in fan voting, so if you are saying he was left off because people didnt see him have big, bruising hits, then you're wrong. There is nothing wrong with a finesse player. Bulluck is the last titans player you should be bashing.

    I could compare him to Tim Duncan, who they call Mr. Fundamental. He never really does anything real flashy, like a 360 turnaround swing dunk or anything, but he gets the basket the easiest way.

    Yet, because we have that one finesse player, we need a player who could strike fear into other players, like an AJ Hawk. AJ Hawk runs a 4.5 too, so he is really the whole package.

    I was thinking, how about draft Hawk in the first, and LenDale White in the second. I just think we need a safety more than a rb at this point. It all depends what happend with henry i guess...
  7. SteveH

    SteveH Starter

    I don't know much about AJ Hawk but I'm all for us drafting attitude - perhaps not as much as Pacman - but toughness and pride..
    These players drafted now are going to be the cornerstone of the franchise going forward if all works out well .. we have to get back to being hard to play against, intimidating.. to the days when teams would look at the schedule and think, jeez.. the Titans this week..
    Anyone remember The Man in Black, and House of Pain?? Then Blaine set the tone.. now who? Can Fisher bring this back? It worries me..
  8. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    It's football everyone is going to get burnt it's not possible to play DB or LB without getting burnt.

    I seen Shawne Merriman lay more wood in one game then I have seen
    Bulluck lay in years. I've seen Lewis, Brooks, Brooking,Arrington, Edwards just to name a few lay wood when the play wasn't to their side or up the middle.

    Bulluck simply isn't hardnosed he's finesse anybody can see that. I'm not the only who can see that he isn't a physical presence.

    It's just the fact that you guys don't like it when someone talks about a guy like Bulluck.
  9. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    Listen if you have a LB that made 200tckles and another who made 100 but the one who made 100. Had the bigger hits that ended up on SportsCenter.

    Who do you think is going to get the Fan Vote????

    When you think of a LB you think of them as mean, nasty hard hitters. Why is it that when you see clips of the greatest LB's ever they always show the hard hits?


    To Bulluck Derrick Brooks is about the same weight as Bulluck but they are totally different. Brooks will light you up Brooks is physical thing is he can cover well also and pick passes off like Bulluck. Brooks is a presence Bulluck is not
  10. Thefreak

    Thefreak Shut Down Corner


    Although I agree with you that this team needs a lot of nastyness to even be considered a force, I disagree with you as far as Keith not deserving to go to the pro-bowl.

    You asked for some finesse pro-bowl LB's? I give you Donnie Edwards, Jullian Peterson, Cato June, Jamir Miller, Jesse Armstead, and our own Keith.

    In this day and age of Football there is a big need for athletic LB's like Keith to cover TE's and drop back in zone and still get to the ball carrier if needed.

    With that said we need an intimidator on this team whether thats a safety or a LB. We need some athletes.
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