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    For those who want to support the forum, we offer the Tip Jar. For $2 a month, or $24 a year, you get to enjoy goTitans without ads and have a spiffy DONOR banner under your avatar.

    Currently, the only way to donate online is through PayPal. I realize some don't use it. Message me if you'd like to mail a check.

    I recently purged any member who had the donor label but wasn't active. If anyone wants to re-up, visit https://gotitans.com/account/upgrades. If I purged anyone by mistake, send me a message.

    If you become a donor, send me an email so I can be sure your account is credited.

    Thanks to all who help keep the lights on.
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    For those of you interested in helping the cause, we offer The Tip Jar. For $2 a month, you can become a subscriber and enjoy goTitans.com without ads.

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