Time To Quit Depending On Veterans And Do Whatever It Takes To Groom Our Own Franchise QB

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. mike75

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    titan_fan_forever said:As for all those holes you talked about, I still think a good QB and better coaches could cover all that up real quick.

    My reply to that is i definitely agree.I think if we found a pretty good QB and some quality coaches then we could get by with a few deficiencies here and there.The Broncos have all kinds of holes on defense but Manning scores enough to overcome that.We probably won't ever get anyone that great but if we do get a good QB in here thats clutch we won't have to worry about every single spot on the roster.I can't stand Andrew Luck but i've seen him bail out the Indy defense a few times already in his short career.We need a QB here who could do things like that.....
  2. memphis_raven

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    Top QBs in the draft, more or less are these:

    Teddy Bridgewater
    Blake Bortles
    Johnny Manzel
    Derek Carr

    ..and they're all slated to go high in the first round. Probably don't have a shot at the top two but you never know about the next two. Or they could wait until round 2 or so and draft a guy, or even trade for a young guy like Cousins or Ryan Mallet. I thought you guys were very smart to pick up Tyler Wilson and get him in the mix.
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    GoT youre nuts. Ragone made our WRs in 2012
  4. Dman

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    to add to this post, so do the rules in regard to helping the QB. I have never seen this league be so pro offense and con defense. You can't win championships around defense anymore, you need an elite qb that has a good completion percentage in the pocket!
  5. edward nigma

    edward nigma Starter

    What we don't know about Jake:
    We don't know if Jake is the next great Titans quarterback.
    We don't know if Jake will make it through this rough patch and stay healthy.

    What we do know:
    He seemed calm in the pocket before the initial injury.
    He had a good understanding and grasp of Loggains offense.
    He was developing nicely.
    No turnovers the first 4 games.

    I think Jake can be salvaged.

    I think Dowell needs a fire lit under him to get the most out of this offense. He has the weapons, but now comes the most important part. This off-season if he (Dowell) is still on the staff ( I hope not), he needs to work on being a better play-caller. He needs to work on making adjustments. He should re-watch every game and see what defenses did to slow the offense down in the second half (1st game against Indy). He needs to stop being stubborn, when you can't run up the middle (Kansas City), STOP TRYING TO RUN UP THE MIDDLE and run to the edge. When something is working (PA-Pass against Denver) keep running it occasionally until they make an adjustment and stop it.

    Coaching 101: Take advantage of what your team does well and try to limit it's weaknesses. Play to your strength. Once he figures this out, our offense will be more consistent and have an identity.
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  6. mike75

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    I would love to roll the dice on one of these QB's in the first round 2014 and see where it goes.Never gonna know unless we try.I really hope GM Webster pulls the trigger on one of these guys.I don't care if its Carr,Murray,Hundley,etc. I don't want any part of Manziel i think he will be a bust.

    Would love nothing more than to draft one of these QB's and have them do like some of those drafted the past few years such as Kaepernick,Dalton,Wilson,etc. that made the playoffs their first season.
  7. TitansWrath

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    We take BPA in the first (probably tackle). Murray in the second. Find a running back in the fourth. Let locker have one more shot while murray heals. If Jake puts up, great, you have a solid young backup prospect. If not, you have a potential starter.
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  8. Alex1939

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    Hasselbeck had the most passing yards in Titans history.

    I do agree about drafting QBs and building a franchise QB though.
  9. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF


    Send him back to WR. They were better with him :)
  10. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    Maybe one or two years we should draft almost nothing but QBs... someone's bound to stick.

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