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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Broken Record, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    I'm done with Volek talk. Let's move on and turn this season around. Time to see if Collins can get something going against Miami. I refuse to enter another thread having anything to do with Volek.

    On to the task at hand...

    Can our offense cross mid-field against Miami's D?

    Looks like a decent shot of Robaire Smith getting the start. Can Miami run on us?

    Will we try to stick to our running game more even if we get behind? Do we have any chance of running Travis Henry and Lendale White successfully?

    Culpepper rifles one right on target one play and then looks pitiful on the next. Is he done or is he just recovering from injury and adjusting to the Fin O?
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey



    yes and yes.

    He just sucks without a 7'4" crackhead to catch all the long balls.:ha:

    Funny how R. Moss is a common denominator between Culpepper and Collins.:sad2:
  3. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    At least this week it ought to be a competetive game. Culpepper is in trouble & we should be able to handle him. KFC could register a record breaking QB rating against the Phins D :duckrun:

    Can't wait for this game to come around:))
    Go Titans
Thread Status:
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