time for fisher to admit

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by customtitan, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Dont bring Phillip Rivers into this
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    Hey, I'm not gonna fight you on that one, haha.
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    You know im getting very tired of seeing Fisher under fire every ing time fans dont agree with a decision of his. YES LAST YEAR ADAMS PUT IN YOUNG AND HELPED SPARK OUR RUN, but Fisher is a successful coach. Whos to say CJ wouldnt have gone a tear like that after that Patrio game? Its all a what if game. Collins led us to a 13-3 season. Played very good. Fisher has always had us in the playoffs or near it every year. Fisher know hows to win. While his style may be outdated we still went 13-3 with Collins and seemed likely to beat the Ravens with CJ killing as he was and our D holding their own. Fisher always has a team that can run the ball or stop the run. I may not agree with alot of his either. It frusterates me how the coaches can be with our offense alot but hey if a boring offense wins me a superbowl im all for it. Young ISNT THERE YET GUYS...While i must say hes improved impressively, hes still not where he needs to be to lead us to that SB. Nor do we have the team yet. Get a good draft this year, good free agent pick up here and there and we set for next year. We only a few peices believe it or not from being a top contender.

    At the end of the day Fisher is one of the best coaches whos highly respected and talked about positively. He knows how to win and his record shows it. Players love to play for him and knows wut it takes to get us to the superbowl. But everytime we dont pick up a player in FA and we all go wtf why not and about it, and watch that player fail on another team with a FAT contract then yall shut up... Seriously. Fisher has done more better things for us then any negative things.

    Now to be back on the subject, Young wasnt doing but turning the ball over, why the hell would you want him in the game still? Why not change QB's ( specially to a guy who has beaten the Steelers with our team before ) and see if he gets a spark. Besides didnt yall watch the damn afterpost of the game? Fisher said YOUNG IS OUR QB FOR NEXT WEEK AND WILL BE STARTING. Controversy overrrrr. Anyways i coulda swore was shaken up after a hit anyways. I had no problem with this move. Fisher defended Young and told him dont worry your our starter. Besides other QB's got benched this week too Young wasnt the only one... Point Made.
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    maybe because he truly believes that Collins "gives us the best chance to win"
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