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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. 615nick

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    If he'd say publicly that he has no intention in playing qb what so ever, I'd sign him and try at te or fb or hell bring the wildcat back
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    **** Tim Tebow.
  4. Carp

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    It amazes me how guys like Blaine Gabbert and Marlk Sanchez can get jobs and back-ups and Tebow can't. He will never be a good QB most likely, but he can manage a game and doesn't turn over the ball. He can move the chains with his feet.

    As a back-up QB i don't see why people would be that opposed to having him as a back-up. MAy be its the media circus that comes with him, but that isn't his fault. It isn't like he asks for it. He's just a very famous athelte who fans either love or love to hate (mostly irrational hate).
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    I really like Tebow as a person and wish more athletes had a similar personality but I keep getting this feeling that he's not as humble as he portrays himself to be. I understood why he refused to work out at other positions coming out of college. He wanted to play QB and didn't want to get drafted to play a different position. Totally understandable. But after he tried and failed what would have been the harm in either trying another position or going up to Canada? I mean tons of guys have humbled themselves by doing these things and have been rewarded with the long successful careers they sought after in the first place.

    Does Tebow think himself above these paths? I'm by no means a Tebow hater but when you've pretty much been told by every professional football expert that you suck as a QB it might be a good idea to listen. While this may seem like good old perseverence to some, I smell a hint of arrogance. What could it possibly hurt to try something different at this point in your career?
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    As a Gator from birth and having met Tim I can say he's humble and a great kid,although I disagree with his beliefs on most subjects. His mechanics kill any chance of a consistant NFL QB. He can throw the ball much further than 15yds.LOL but he is behind on most throws. Too bad as he really is a good kid and works his azz off. He would chew up and spit out the board guys that think they know football.
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  9. 615nick

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    it's without a doubt the media circus.that comes with. That is a big reason I would only sign him if he stated publicly he would.not be playing qb ever with the team. That would tone down the dumb fans and media members calling for him to go in the game everytime the starter makes a mistake

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    and because Tebow sucks as a passer
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