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    Michelle Bonner: "Who's going to be the opening day starter in Tennessee ?"

    TH: "I think it will be Kerry Collins"

    MB: Good move ? ...

    TH: "and I think that it is the right move. He played very well this year, another guy when you look at it, who I think is enjoying the process of being the starting QB of the Tennessee Titans, Often times you see guys playing late in there career they look tired at the end of the year, they look worn out (referencing Brett Favre), certainly wasn't the case with Kerry Collins, he obviously physically is still capable of playing at a high level, the big issue for me with making a move to Vince Young is that when you look back to the struggles last year, sure there was an injury, sure he didn't play well, he was awful in the pre-season, but then just all of the drama what is going on upstairs with Vince Young, mentally can he handle the pressures of being a starting qb in the NFL, and everything that goes along with it, the criticism, the boos from your own fans, things like that, that scares me a little bit of handing so much over to Vince Young"

    MB: "If he can handle it, can he be a franchise guy ?"

    TH: "Well physically he has alot of the tools, passing wise he needs to work on things mechanically you know as he did when he came out of school but lets remember this guy did go to the Pro-Bowl, I mean its not for a lack of talent that Vince Young hasn't truly suceeded in the NFL, the big issue for him has been handling the adversity, so much of what happens as a QB in the NFL is your gonna have bad games it happens to absolutely everybody you need to bounce back from that, and he's really struggled."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.