Tied at half, Titans have everything but points

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky <p>NASHVILLE, Tenn. - LenDale White doesn't fumble, but coughed the ball up just before the half when the Titans were in range of a field goal that could have put them ahead 10-7 at the half.</p> <p>Instead it's 7-7.</p> <p>Sick of hearing about the divisional round game in Jauary of 2001? This one feels eerily similar.</p> <p>The Titans have outplayed the Ravens, moving the ball well. But a botched fourth-down conversion attempt and White's give-away have killed scoring chances and left the Ravens very much alive.</p> <p>The Titans have protected Kerry Collins very well and he's made some big throws - he's 15 for 20 for 183 yards and a pick. Chris Johnson has 11 carries for 72 yards but was out of the game before the half hurt (no details yet). Justin Gage has six catches for 95 yards.</p> <p>It's 13-4 Titans in first downs and 256-94 Titans in yards and 18:47 to 11:13 Titans in time of possession.</p> <p>But how about some points?</p> <p>Tennessee needs to send a message it can finish early in the third quarter. The longer the Ravens hang around, the more frustrated the Titans will get, the more danger they will be in of blowing it.</p>

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