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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Gut, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Gut

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    Here are some things to consider when watching the hours of the first rnd before we pick...

    MR has said they want a playmaker/difference maker in rnd 1 and can go depth after that. Positions where we could use a difference maker based on our schemes are...WR, TE, OC, OG, DE, DT, CB.

    WR - Given that the Titans tend to make a WR learn a LOT before they let him play, this isn't a good sign although the Titans likely have a shot at one of the top 6-7 WR's who could end up being special or at least better than anyone on the current roster. Also, the Titans gave Calico...a very raw prospect a lot more playing time early than expected so a more polished WR might get real playing time. Assuming Crabtree is long gone, the most polished WR's in the top 2 rounds are Nicks and Robiskie. The biggest difference makers are Harvin, Maclin, and potentially DHB. I'd take Harvin ...Titans probably would take Nicks or Robiskie.

    TE - While Petigrew is a legit 1st rnd talent, he's a better blocker than pass catcher and is more a Stevens/Crumpler type. The biggest difference making TE's come in the passing game in rnds 2-3...Cook, Nelson, Casey (reminds me of Wycheck:), Ingram (could have been a first if not for injury), Coffman (has injury issues with his feet), and Beckum (think Dustin Keller). Since we already have Scaife, no need to take one unless we want to trade a high draft pick (to spend on one of the above) for a lower cap hit since Scaife is making more than we'd like. I wouldn't spend a high pick on a Scaife type TE...but if I did, I'd take Ingram, Casey, or Beckum. The Titans might take 2 of them...they like drafting TE's!

    OC/OG - There are a handful of guys who could either start right away or be groomed into good starters. The two big names are Mack and Unger. I think Mack is a legit 1st rnd player and that's rare for a OC...especially since I think he could play OG too. He could be a Pro Bowl caliber OC for the Titans for a decade. Not bad at the #30th pick. Unger is a more technical player and a better athlete. He's also more versatile and can play OC, OG or even RT. Unger is a 2nd rnd pick on my board. Mack in rnd 1 or in a tradeup in rnd 2 would be outstanding for the run game though not a sexy pick. I'd take Alex Mack...Titans probably wouldn't draft a OC or OG in the first 2 rnds.

    DE - Every DE in the draft has a wart or two. Orakpo isn't quite as explosive as you'd like in a pass rusher, but he's got decent size and is a complete player. Everette Brown is the best pass rusher in the draft but only has good athleticism and doesn't play the run that well and plays for FSU which has a bad track record with DE's. Maybin may be a one hit wonder and is undersized even after adding 20lbs. Ayers is a LDE wanting to be a RDE...I dont put LDE's in rnd 1 unless they can start at DT. Michael Johnson is the best athlete and a freak (6-7, 260) but has a near non-existant motor. Perennial Pro Bowl potential and heart...ultimate boom/bust player. For some reason people are in love with Ayers and are falling out of love with Brown. I could see Maybin falling to us and Brown possibly falling into the 20 range. I hope we don't take Ayers since he's the same player as JJones and I think he needs to move back to LDE. I'd take Brown...even trade up a bit for him. His spin move reminds me of a certain Colts RDE. I might take a chance on Maybin. Could see the Titans taking the best DE to be available.

    DT - Raji will be long gone. If you want a Titans style DT, Jerry is the guy! A quick penetrator! He could be available at #30. Another possiblity is Tyson Jackson who tehnically is a 3-4 DE (or LDE in a 4-3). But he's a very good run defender and could move to DT in our 4-3 scheme. In rnd 2 you could look at Evander Hood who has all the skills and elite DT triangle numbers...but not the expected production. You could also look for a Ron Brace...who's a great run plugger in the 330 range! Jarron gilbert could also be a consideration though he's a bit of tweener...very strong and very quick, but level of comp and size are concerns. I'd take Jerry or Jackson at #30 or Hood if we dropped into early rnd 2. Titans could take Jerry/Hood in rnd 1.

    CB - Malcom Jenkins is an enigma and will put the NFL to the test in how much stock it puts on 40 times. Jenkins via film, is a top 10 pick. His 40 is of a 3rd rnd pick and unplayable as a man corner. However, some players play faster than their 40 time and he's one of them. I expect him to be long gone...but if not, you take him. I could see Darius Butler be the first cb taken as he has all the measurables and athleticism. He's got solid if unspectacular game tape. Vontae Davis will put the NFL to the test in terms of character. He's a great athlete but sounds like a headache...and a guy who doesn't like coaching. Not a good sign. Then you have Alphonso Smith who has top 10 game and practice film...but rnd 2-3 triangle measureables and height. To me he's an end of the first early 2nd pick. An end of the first if you have a zone scheme and a 2nd if u play man. My sleeper pick is Mike Mickens who is probably a 2nd or 3rd rndr on most boards. He has first rnd game film. I'd take Alphonso Smith or Butler in rnd 1 or Mike Mickens in rnd 2. Could see the Titans taking Vontae Davis over Smith in rnd 1.

    There is an outside shot the titans draft an OLB ala the Bulluck pick way back when. There are a lot of good OLB propects and I expect one or more of Laurinaitis, Maualugha, Cushing or Matthews.

    I think we take the best player available out the above prospects...below they are listed by position and by my value...







    As you can see, I've listed 20 players I think the Titans could take (15 of whom I'd take). When you add in that we know 2-3 QB's, 4-6 OT's, and 2-3 RB's will go...that's 28-32 players. Considering we pick at #30...we have a pretty good list. I don't think the Titans would draft a QB or OT in rnd 1, but we have a small chance at drafting a RB. I wouldn't so I think the Titans have 22 potential prospects (and I have 15). I think they can move up to get one of the top 15 on my Titans board...probably around pick 20-25 or they could see a few of them fall to them. They could also attempt to drop back 5-10 spots and get a player of similar value while picking up an extra 3rd or 4th. They could then use their 2 4th's to grab another 3rd rndr or use the 3rd and 2 4ths to get another 2nd. 3 2nd rnd picks would be great value. Even better if we could trade a player or two to regain a middle pick or 2.

    Things to think about...

  2. GoT

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    Titans have 10 picks this draft, pretty sure I heard that. Anyways Tennessee needs quality picks, not more picks. Not gonna keep 10 rookies on a team that went 13-3 anyways so more middle round picks would only make other teams salivate on cut days.
  3. Marko

    Marko Starter

    Yeah but we have quite a few players who are out of contract after next season and now is the time to look ahead of replace the players we arent interested in resigning imo.
  4. PAtitansfan53

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    I would love to trade up for Jerry he would be perfect for our scheme. Peria, Tony, JJ, Haye rotating would make for a nasty penetrating middle. Or Trading up in the second for Brace would be awsome too. Doubtful though.

    I think we pass on CB in the first and look at Macho Harris, Sherrod Martin, or Mike Mickens possibly being there in round 2. I like all three of them with Mickens at the top.

    I'm hopeful we don't take Vontae we don't need headaches but I saw him in an interview and he seemed pretty humble but reports say other wise. Same with Harvin who I dislike the most because he's a thug who can't quit bud for the combine and rubs players the wrong way.
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