Thoughts on Rams defensive performance on MNF?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Laserjock, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. xpmar9x

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    If there's one team Fisher wants to beat, it's the Titans. The minute he saw the Rams schedule, he circled this game. They'll come prepared... to make field goals.
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  2. RavensShallBurn

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    Seattle sucks on the road, period.

    I'm not too worried. Our OL might be bad, but they're gonna be better than that in pass protection. The Seahawks game plan was horrendous on offense... They didn't roll Wilson out away from Quinn enough, and they failed to use Lynch. And they needed to set up more RB screens.

    Really bad play calling... something I would expect from Loggains, not the Seahawks OC.
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  3. Ensconatus

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    We need to key Quinn. Attack finny if he plays. And screen to Quinn's side as well causing his over aggressive style to calm down a bit. 1 or two screens a quarter, then once they start playing a little contain switch to draws up the middle with CJ.

    The box will be stacked but they man align too much, CJ could have a huge game with one or two big runs because they don't stack. It'll be him by himself in the secondary once he passes the D Line.

    Locker should see a handful of roll out plays off the stretch that give him easy check downs away from the heat. Hunter needs to see the field in 3 WRs sets and be targeted on post routes to break up the cover one with weight running goes from the slot on his side.

    Defense, just blitz crazy. Attack the center. Cause more miss snaps. Stop their run game.
  4. memphis_raven

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    I loved the game; classic defensive battle. Rams played 8 in the box and press-man on the back end. They were determined to stop the run and they weren't afraid of the WRs. They had Wilson scrambling all night.

    It's a high risk/reward scheme though; if the QB gets one over the top it's going all the way
  5. Ten_Titans

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    I don't like using the term "Must win", but let me put it this way:

    With the Rams coming into the game on a short week, and us coming off a bye... If we don't win this game we don't deserve to be a playoff team.
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  6. Msut10

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    I bet this is the game where Wright goes off!
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  7. damersbrah

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    D-line looks great, it might be one of the best pass-rushing lines we face all year. However once you get to the second level, no one on that defense is really scaring me. If we slow down Stacy (not sure how easy that will be), and protect the football we should win this game. Locker and CJ will need to be decisive and alert to the pressure. Fisher will be no pushover.

    LANGSTER Starter

    Poorly coached game on both sides to me. Fisher played for field goals and not to lose as usual, that play calling at the end of the game was awful! Carroll was even worse. Rams had been bad against the run and Lynch gets 8 carries! 1st and goal at the one and lynch never gets a carry? Having there right and left tackle out and back ups in and they never chipped or put a tight end on quinn or long? Hope they have 8 in the box against us and CJ gonna pop a few long ones.

    Other thoughts were what a waste of money cook and finney are! Cook ran the wrong route repeatedly
  9. The Hammer

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    No Rams fans here yet?
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    DBC dropped by a week or two ago. And there's some guy with a Ram as his avatar. I think his name is Ramsfan2win.