Thoughts on Locker this year.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ensconatus, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Being able to move the ball behind our OLine, and hopefully converting short downs keeping the D off the field will go a long way in helping pile up those W's.
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    some of this descriptions sound like people are okay with having just a Vince Young caliber guy at qb, fork that
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    I used the site's excellent search feature ( JCBRAVE ;)) to find this thread again. Just read an article someone posted on Facebook saying Dowell Loggains needs to trust Jake Locker. Basically saying the same as what is in the above mentioned article:
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    there has got to be a reason that he doesn't trust him? I mean he is at practice every day, I wonder hmmmm

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    Good stuff there Hammer, and thats what I tried telling people who were screaming the sky is falling Sunday evening. Jake is going to play better and better. That article Ensconatus dug up basically says to trust your QB, that he'll learn and grow from every experience.

    If Jake does anything well its digest information. He'll take Sundays loss to the lab and dissect it for all its worth.

    Im not worried about our QB right now, the interior line, yes, they've sucked when we're trying to throw the football.
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