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  1. dontdraftcutler

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    I'm just curious.... What was the crowd like? Did they boo Munch and company?

    I wasn't there, obviously. But all I could hear on TV was the numerous Colts fans cheering their team to victory.

    I will be at the game on Dec. 8th here in Colorado. I will wear my Titans gear proudly, but I don't have a good feeling. I went the Denver/Titans Monday night game a few years back. I got beer thrown at me, got called every name in the book, flipped off, booed, hit with an empty water bottle...and the Broncos won... good times! Denver fans are as classy as they get.
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    To those of you at the game, I feel for you. I refused to even watch the game live on TV. I can't imagine me sitting in the cold to watch a ****** team play like this every week knowing full well what's going to happen.
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    It was great early. Very loud. Everyone was elated to see the Titans move the ball like that. When they blew a couple of third-and-shorts in the late second quarter, we started looking at each other and saying "we could have used another TD" because no one around me felt the lead was safe. After Wiggles dropped the ball, the fun ended because everyone knew the Titans would be lucky to win even with the lead they had at the time.

    It was worse for me than the Jags loss last Sunday. I seriously doubt the place will be half full the last two home games. I'm glad they're on the road the next three weeks because I doubt I could force myself to go to a home game next Sunday.
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    did anyone chant fire munch? I am curious about that as well. Good thing we have 3 away games and then the titans can come back to a half empty stadium
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    Not around me. Most left when the Colts got their final TD. For those who stayed, there was actually a glimmer of hope when the Titans scored late that they'd get the ball back.
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    The people I was sitting around weren't too happy once we came back down to earth after the first quarter. People generally expect Munchak to be gone after this season.