This is what the Titans SHOULD do in the draft!

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Gut, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Gut

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    A short muncher...

    DONT TAKE LEINART at #3!!!

    History says that this would be a bad pick. Find me a QB taken in the last 10 years in the top 5 who has a weak arm, started from day 1 and was a great QB?

    If Leinart had a strong arm like Palmer, it'd be one thing...but he doesn't. He simply can't make all the throws. Add in the fact that he has not done well for the most part after taking hits and you have a bad recipe. The Titans don't have an All-World OL protecting him so whoever comes in is gonna take shots.

    The closest guys I can equate Leinart to is Tim Couch. How did he turn out?


    Sure Vince Young could be the next McNair, McNabb, Culpepper, or Vick. However, only two of those guys has taken his team to the Super Bowl and only McNabb carried his team there. Still, McNair did make league MVP. But for every McNabb there is an Akili Smith or Ryan Leaf or Heath Shuler ad nauseum. Realistically, Young is ahead of McNair in terms of competition faced, but his ability to read defenses is just as bad as worse still, his throwing mechanics are worse. Young is a definite gamble on greatness pick and like McNair, even if he develops, he's going to cost a gazillion to see if he ever gets to the level of league MVP. Are you willing to wait 7-9 years for that? McNair didn't hit a 90+ QB rating til year 7. Young will not come in and play from day 1 and light it up.

    He is an excellent college QB with All-World intangibles...but he is a huge gamble in the NFL.


    Cutler is actually the more advanced QB of the big 3 when it comes to projecting them to the NFL. He's got a canon for an arm, can squeeze the ball into tight windows (which is what you have to do in the NFL) and has some nice mobility. He actually had to read defenses and was NOT surrounded by all-world talent (like Young and Leinart).

    Like most rookie QB's coming into the NFL who take a beating coming to a bad team, Cutler took his beating in college. This both helps and hurts him. It's messed up his footwork a bit and he tends to throw off his back foot and sometimes chucks the ball up because that is there only chance sometimes. However, you have to throw off your back foot occasionally in the NFL too. And unlike Leinart, we know Cutler can take a shot and keep coming back for more.

    Cutler also has the best arm of these 3. He can make all the throws but like Favre...he'll have to learn when he can't gun the ball through a defender. He's got the best deep ball of these 3 QB's.


    With the Texans making the colossal mistake of taking Mario Williams, that leaves the door open for the Titans to have Reggie Bush fall into our laps...


    BUSH BUSH BUSH! If Bush is there at #3 the Titans should RUN to the podium and select him. Then call McNair, make a public apology to him (bring him back) and then jump for joy.

    I wouldn't trade up for Bush at #2 for 2 reasons. First, the Saints would be insane to take him. They have McCallister and just gave him a lot of money. They tried this with Ricky Williams and McCallister when they first came into the leasgue and it cost them a lot! They NEED AJ HAWK AND FERGUSON badly. Taking Bush for them would not be good for them.

    That leaves someone trading up for Bush at 2. Jets would love to but the Jets have several holes too and probably can't justify Bush eating up 2 first rdrs when they can take a QB AND a good RB in rd 1. Who else can jump up for Bush without selling the farm? NO ONE.

    Sit tight and wait for Bush to fall to us....which is also what the Jets will be thinking...the Saints wont take him and the Titans will take young leaving them Reggie Bush.

    If for some reason the Saints take Bush or the Jets jump to #2 and take him...we should....


    1 - Oakland wants to move up for Young or Leinart. Let them and extract a lot of value for that in draft picks. At #8 we can still get Leinart, Cutler or Huff.

    2 - If GB hasn't already traded Javon Walker, offer to swap first rdrs for getting Javon Walker. Instant All-Pro WR.

    3 - Even if you're gonna take Young at #3 and Bush is sitting there...get SOMETHING from the Jets so you extract some value from them for letting them have Bush. This would be a mistake in not taking the best player in the draft, but at LEAST get good value...and then maybe trade back with GB or Oakland.

    In any of the above scenarios, the Titans will have more good picks and can still get one of the 2 best QB's in the draft (Cutler or possibly Young). The advanatges are 3 fold.

    First, you ad more talent to the team. Second, you still get the best prospect at QB if that's what you want. Even if all 3 QB's were somehow taken before 8 (wont happen) you'd still get one of the elite 8 players in this draft.

    Second, it'll cost you less to find out if Leinart, Cutler or Young is a bust.

    3rd, you'll have more options for either trading up later for someone they want to even trading a pick for next year so they could have 2 firsts next year with a shot at a Brady Quinn (if we don't take a QB in rd 1 this year).

    Most likely, the Titans will stick to their gameplan and ruin this franchise in the short term if they stick to the rumor-mill and take Young, dump McNair, then sign Kerry Collins. You can't have 2 offenses and Young will not get us back to the playoffs in 3 years which means say goodbye to Fisher, Chow, Bulluck and a lot of the current core players.

    Please take BUSH or trade down and get picks and then take the bpa at 5 or 8.

    If Bush is there, you'd HAVE to take him...then keep McNair or sign Kerry Collins anyway. You can always draft Clemens in rd 2 if you wanted.

    Think of it this way...if you weren't Titans fan, who would you draft...Steve McNair or Marshall Faulk?

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    great effort. I'm glad they didn't do that... but that's a hell of a post.
    Deserves a reply.
  3. Gut

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    When Bush didn't fall to us, I knew they'd stay at 3 and was simply hoping they didn't take Leinart. I'm satisfied with Young.

    Now let's keep our fingers crossed that Vince can develop quickly and that Norm Chow can simply the system for him and teach him how to be a passing QB (mechanics, reads, footwork on drops, pre-snap reads, and decision-making) like he taught Leinart.

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