This is the Worst Team in the NFL...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by wrench248, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. DownSouthPlayer

    DownSouthPlayer Starter

    This team couldnt beat their meat if it was in their hands.
  2. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Each of the men on this coaching staff could be good under different circumstances. Palmer and Gray could be good with an experienced head coach and strong positional assistents. The entire staff was set up for failure.

    Just like the Saints' staff. Do not be fooled. Sean Peyton made sure his job would be safe by appointing a weak replacement. Ever see the episode of the Simpsons where Smithers goes on vacation and gets Homer to fill in for him?
  3. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor


    Also, The Colts are better than we are. Our players have quit. They already gave Palmer a vote of dislike in the press weeks ago. It's IS the worst Titans team (Nashville).

    And make no mistake- the "delayed timing" of Fisher 's exit was clearly a calculated move by the FO/Adams to "give" the job to "one of our own". Read the press spin from Munchak's and his staff's hire.

    This is a chump franchise.
  4. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Points: 17.6 (27th)
    Yrds: 305.0 (26th)
    P Yrds: 239.6 (16th)
    R Yrds: 65.4 (30th)

    Points: 36.2 (32nd)
    Yrds: 423.8 (29th)
    P Yrds: 279.6 (25th)
    R Yrds: 144.2 (28th)

    Point differential: -93 (32nd)

    Jeeze, where do we even begin? :(
  5. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Beav Champion

    Pathetic. I can't stop using that word. Because it's precisely what this team is.

    Can anyone remember a team that was this inept on both sides of the ball? And if so, perhaps the better question is can you remember a team this inept whose HC wasn't canned at the end of the season?

    At this point, Mike Munchak has literally not improved a single area of this team. Not only that, but we are much worse in most areas. He does not deserve to play out the final year of his contract.
  6. JerseyJef13

    JerseyJef13 Starter

    this team is by far the worst in the NFL, say what you want about the 0-5 Browns, they have at least been in most of the games they have played, they should have beaten the Eagles in week 1 and hung tough against the Ravens on the road. This Titans team is getting BLOWN out. absolutely embarrassing.

    The worst part is that there is NOTHING good to look at. there isnt ONE aspect of our game to build upon. Offensively they can not move the ball, Defensively they cant stop the ball and aside from the special teams TDs vs Detroit there hasnt been anything significant to hang your hat on there either

    I fear that its going to be a long 2-3 years before we see anything special from this unit.

    Thursday night will be an utter disaster, and if anything may result in a new OC/DC for week 7
  7. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I love how we were 9-7 last year and nearly got a Wild Card spot. We are the same team as last year, minus Finnegan. Everything done in this offseason should of made us better:

    Young QB starting over "cant throw past 5 yard" Hasselbeck
    RB coming in with a full off-season and supposedly on football shape
    We added a wiley vet OG (Hutch) to a terrible OL
    Our 'star' WR isn't out all year
    Nate Washington coming off a career year
    Added another target: Kendall Wright
    Jared Cook finally showed up
    Added a pash rusher (Wimbley) to a terrible pass rush
    Replaced Chris Hope
    All the young D players got another year (Casey, Ayers, McCarthy, Klug, Verner, McCourt)

    All of those things should of IMPROVED a 9-7 Top-15 team, not made us a bottom 3 team. Who is to blame for that: Coaches.
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  8. Kaeotik

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    I disagree about it taking multiple years to get it turned around. I believe we can have a good team next year. Obviously, we need new coaches, but I think we are fairly talented in most spots. Complete coaching overhaul is a MUST! Complete offensive line overhaul is also a MUST! Still perplexed as to how a player as talented as Michael Griffin can play this badly for this long, but I'm freakin DONE waiting for him to turn it around! Let him try somewhere else! Also, we need a good strength coach who will motivate our guys to build strength in the offseason. We are flat out weak as a team.
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  9. Riverman

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    Everything we got from Texas sucks.
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  10. JerseyJef13

    JerseyJef13 Starter

    how do you propose a "complete overhaul" of the offensive line plus coaching staff with this ownership/gm and being able to compete next year? my reasoning for the 2-3 years before significant improvement is the fact that an overhaul would require free agent signings and phenominal drafts. the history of this organization and how it operates gives me no hope whatsoever in thinking this is a process they will complete in one off season.
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