This is only a rumor from John McClain but what if.......

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titans2871, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I couldn't agree more. We all know that Keith can play whatever position he wants. We already know he is a Pro Bowl LB on the weak side, but I also feel that if he was a MLB he would be a excellent LB as well. If Haynesworth and Starks up front he would not be seeing a lot of OL and if we improved the speed of the Outside Linebackers he wouldn't have to be in coverage as much either. That would allow him to focus more on the run, which he excels at....We all know we need some one who can do that....... So I believe overall he would be a great MLB if we had speed on the weak and strong side LB'S, to free him up for the backfield.
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    But currently we don't. Sirmon in the middle, calling the defensive shots with a FA or top notch draftee would be the way to go as of right now IMO. Bulluck isn't as good lining everyone up the way Sirmon is. I know Sirmon does it from the strong side now, but still coming off the ACL, I think he may at least start the season at MLB.

    I'm actually kind of excited to see how well we respond with both Sirmon and Fuller on the field in the shot-calling capacity.
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    I couldn't agree more with you. Even though Keith can play any postition he wants, I believe he would fit good at MLB, as long as, we had speed LB on the weak and strong side. With Hanyesworth and Starks in the middle Keith wouldn't see many OL and with speed on the weak and strong side LB he would not have to be in coverage as much. He would be dominant against the RB's and blitzing. He also has good enough coverage skills across the middle.
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    Thats worked because KC was more fit at his age to play DT, his body size also fit more of a DT in todays game.
    KB is only 230-235, most MLBs are in the 24-245+.
    Keiths speciality is not shedding blocks, its defending TE/RB and going side to side unblocked,
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