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    If so, be aware that they will introduce about 30 new characters an episode or 2 before the battle royale.. just to make sure there are plenty of worthless bodies to be used, so they can keep the main characters alive until the very last episode where they will dramatically kill off 1 or 2 characters. Guaranteed TWD formula.

    I obviously have a love/hate relationship with the show.. one of my main problems with it.. is that it's hopeless. They all will die, or the series will get cancelled. There is no reasonable way they could introduce a cure. There is no way for a good ending to it. The question is not "will said character die".. it's when. I already know that they will drag this out as long as it's raking in money.. and hype about it is at an all-time high, even though the shows lone great season was 3-4 years ago.

    Show peaked WAY early. SPLENDID first season, then a 2008 stock market like collapse by season 2, and it's just mildly recovered since then.
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    I just got a text from my girlfriend.

    "Also. ****tiest Walking Dead ever."
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    I really dug it but I can also see why a lot of people didn't. The only real problem I had with it was that it kinda killed the momentum of what was, IMO anyway, the best stretch of episodes in a long, long time.
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    I like the episode. I actually started to like the Governor. I'm curious what the outcome of his journey will be. Is he at the prison to "start some ****" or is he there to try to get refuge for the women in his care.

    My first thought was how this episode stopped the drive of the first episodes... but then I thought about it and realized that, for the most part, that main story had come to a kind of conclusion. There are loose ends, of course, but the biggest part of that story had been concluded.

    I actually enjoyed witnessing the "death" of who he became, only to take on a new persona. Not sure how long this will last... but interesting to see now that he has a "family" to look after - and a "daughter", as well.
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    agree about s1 being by far the best. But I dont think the others are as bad as you do. Granted the season at the farm was love it or hate it.
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    The first half of season 2 was not good.

    I still think this season has easily been the best to me. To each their own but plan on me belittling your opinion at a later date.
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    Honestly, it's been so long since I've seen S1 that I can't really say whether I prefer it or the current season. But S1 & S4 are definitely my favorites. I really, really did not like S3 and easily consider it the worst. I have mixed emotions about S2. I'm probably in the minority in that I actually liked the setting of the farm. And it had some interesting dynamics going on with all the new characters and all the stuff with Rick/Shane/Lori. That said, it was entirely too slow and talky. I feel like there was A LOT of fat that could've been trimmed from that season.
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    I'm with you in that minority.

    From the stand-point that I actually like this show from the survivors view. I watch it thinking how one would go about finding a "place to exist" rather than being on the run all the time. I find it interesting seeing them find sanctuary - or think they have.

    Sanctuary is fleeting, though... but, a survivor WOULD try to find such a place.

    The build-up to Sophie was slow, but the growth of Daryl was good and I feel we saw Glen become a man. The new characters were interesting and Herschel was/is a good character.

    Poor Dale...

    Then the reveal with Sophie in the barn... seriously, I kinda saw it coming, but it still "got me" and made me sad.

    Then the ending of that season was pretty GREAT.

    I liked Season 2. Season 3 is the weakest. I did not care for The Governor... but, this one episode has made me interested in him and his future journey.
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    The Governor never changes.

    Things might get ugly.
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    I'm thinking there is going to be atleast 1 main character killed this week. That said I honestly have no clue who its gonna be.