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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanicvolfan, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. titanicvolfan

    titanicvolfan Camp Fodder

    Everyone has their opinions, some just make more sense. Well, here are my opinions.

    1. Quarterback- we need no one. Steve Mcnair is more than capable and at this point we do not need to bring in a successor. We could have Peyton Manning and if the receivers do not do their job then it doesn't matter. Save that for next year. Also, trade Volek and try to get the 3rd round pick back we wasted on Henry.

    2. Running back- Immediate help needed!!! The only backs that we need from the current roster on next years are Fleming, Payton, and Nash (due to an incomplete evaulation)

    3. Wide receiver- We have the potential to have the best receiving core in the league if we can get everyone back healthy. This group does not include Tyrone Calico. The drops have to stop.

    4. Offensive line- Well, they sure have been offensive. The only consistency I saw in the line is the fact that we consistently got a false start or holding penalty whenever progress was being made. This is the result of one of two things, bad coaching or low intelligence. I know that is harsh but enough is enough.

    5. Tight end- Keep Scaife and Troupe. Kinney is an excellent tight end but youth is served and the dinner table is awful crowded.

    6. Defensive line- Resign KVB but don't give up too much in the way of salary cap. Overall, I think our defensive line has the potential to be the best in the league.

    7. Linebackers- Hindsight tells me that we overpaid for Sirmon. Although he is capable I believe we could have gotten the same for less money somewhere else. Bullock is untouchable. We do need to add one more to the pot and I believe we will during this draft...maybe A.J. Hawk.

    8. Cornerback- OK, I was wrong. Although I still think he has a lot of growing up to do, Pac Man is the real deal. Hill is solid but the jury is still out. We do need to show Woolfolk the door for, A. being a bust, and B. having a name that will get you in trouble if you try to say it too fast. Still need more help through FA or draft.

    9. Safety- CLEAN HOUSE. LT and Tank are good in run support but lack the instinct in coverage. This was shown too many times in the season. We will address this during draft.

    10. Kicker and punter- We are good.

    11. Coaching- Get the Off. line in order. This coupled with a running back will open up our passing game and we will take advantage of the talent we have at reciever.

    Ok, there it is. For those of you that don't think I'm correct, at least acknowledge my right to opinion. We buy the tickets and merchandise and love this team. It is our team as much as Bud Adams. I can't wait to hear the responses.
  2. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder


    I agree with most of what you said except a few of these....

    If the Junior prospects stay in school, it's likely we'll put a hold on the future QB until Draft '07. I shared your same opinion until yesterdays game, then my eyes were opened. The Recievers aren't the major fault with our passing game atm. The offense as a whole is the problem with it's lack of consistent play; whether it be from the QB position, RB or WR. I doubt we'll get a third for Volek after yesterdays showing.

    Franchise RB is somewhere that will be addressed later. However, if Bush falls for some odd reason or the FO likes DeAngelo over the other options when they pick, we could go RB. But it's very likely that both Brown and Henry will be here next year and both will compete in Training camp to see who gets the majority of carries. I think CB has tried to fight through some nagging injuries to stay on the field for the whole season and it's taking away from his game. This guy isn't durable and it shows.

    I agree, but Ty will be here next year and has to prove that he's got what we got a glimpse of in '03 or he's gone.

    Not very bright. Why take a valuable veteran from the Offense who's a key weapon and blocker then replace him with an inconsistant one and an unproven one? Why make an already young team younger and more inexperienced? People seem to be forgetting we're the youngest team in the NFL and we suck - you want to suck again next season? I doubt it.....
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    please, we need a QB, we dont need Running Backs, no need to get rid of Kinney.
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow! Tip Jar Donor

    couldnt have put it better.
  5. thnom

    thnom Camp Fodder

    I don't believe Tyrone Calico is with us next year. It was the quote by Jeff Fisher..

    "Ty (Calico) pulled a hamstring in the ballgame. It was about the time we expected Ty to make a move, but he just can’t seem to stay healthy."

    Lack of trust catching AND staying healthy? Gone.
  6. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    he wont go, costs nothing may as well not take the cap hit for him.
  7. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Why would we cut Calico? Not like we save a bunch of money or that we have a bunch of guys to step in (Jones will likely not be 100% at start of season). Calico might get beat out in camp but no way I see him getting cut before then.

    I do think any thoughts of dumping Kinney are ridiculous. We would potentially take one of the stronger positions and weaken it.

    I think we will have to take a serious look at keeping Henry. Even with the pathetic play of the OL Henry looked acceptable and could be a better long term back than Brown. If we keep him he is signed through 2009. Brown will be a FA after next year so he will stay one more year.

    I do see a potential franchise QB coming in this draft either by straight draft pick or trade for Rivers. I'm not sure we can wait until next year. We will get a QB somewhere.

    We need another 1st or 2nd round pick on the OL and possibly address another OL in FA.

    We will be looking for LBs and Ss in the draft and FA.
  8. avvie

    avvie It's another cold day in Hell Tip Jar Donor

    #3: Bennett has to stop with the drops also. If he doesn't cut it out, I'm gonna be stuck with a worthless jersey in a year or so.
  9. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    Ty is still with the Titans next year. Remember, BJones is going to be coming off of an ACL just like Ty, so are people going to be all over him when he isn't healthy either?? Ty was at least blazing before the injury, BJones wasn't exactly a burner prior, Ty will be better.

    Keep Kinney too. I wouldn't even expect the ball if I was playing WR with Steve at QB, actually be surprised if one was coming my way.
  10. THE53

    THE53 Guest

    But should this hamstring injury be hurting his hands, cus his real problem rite now is he can't catch...
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