The Tough Life of an International Tennessee Titans Fan

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 12, 2006.

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  1. titanbuoy

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    Great job Gunny. It's nice to kind of get to know all of my fellow "Titans internationalists".

    OilersTitansFan brings up a great point, I forgot to mention what a HUGE deal it was for us Canadian Houston Oilers fans when the team signed Warren Moon back in 1984. I'm sure the franchise picked up quite a few Canadian fans that year. Hopefully most of them have hung in there. Sure the franchise hasn't won it all yet, but there's never a dull moment being a fan of the Tennessee Titans.

    I'd better get going, I'm late for curling practice.
  2. Nice article Gunny, I was involved too, and is great to see that we are like a big family. I love Titans football than anything and would be great to contact you all that live in Nashville when i go over there to a game, I would love to meet some members and tailgate before the game. I am looking forward to the season already and wish success to our team for teh upcoming season.
  3. SteveH

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    I need to start reading posts in the Lounge too!
    Where do watch games over here Lazy?
    I remember way back in 1983 when my Dad came back from working in Houston with this Oilers T-shirt - still got it somewhere.. been hooked ever since..
    I remember listening to Armed Forces Network in the late 80s as it was the only way of catching the games in the UK.. way before the net, cable arrived .. hearing this crackle over the airwaves in between all the army ads.. it's mad really to think how easy it is now to catch up with what's going on.. and back then I had to hope that when the AFN announcer was going through the scores there wasn't any interference from a Spanish radio station that seemed to share the same frequency!
    I also had no hesitation switching over to the Titans.. And I'm chuffed to bits we've kept the Texas link going with Vince..
    Never been over there to watch a game but I'd love to.. best memories I reckon are the Cincinatti game in 87 when the Oilers clinched their first playoff berth in YEARS, that win over Kansas when Moon threw 30,000 yards in one game, and so many since.. that win over Jacksonville for the AFC Championship my oh my..
    Anyways, here's for more this season..

  4. What, you mean on T.V

    Sky Sports of course where else:winker:
    Also watch Monday Night on Five if game is interesting
  5. SteveH

    SteveH Starter

    Sorry Lazy not too sure what I was thinking then, think I'm going bonkers! :whoop:
    I remember watching the Music City Miracle in a pub and I couldn't believe my eyes..
    I imagine you had a similar feeling on Saturday after the Cup Final - for anyone in the US who's a bit confused by this - Lazy's favourite team had their own miracle
  6. Vigsted

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    I found it decidly odd that so many of their players suffered from cramps at the end. Didn't they drink enough water or something? It was almost comical to watch.
  7. Michi40

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    I guess thats the counterpart of not having timeouts on soccer
  8. We had cramps because we had a really long season, it started mid-July, till now, and it was taking a toll on the players. Ricky Parry said they should introduce another subsitute in Xtra Time

    Funny how Stevie Gerrad (the saviour), was limping around, and then suddenly hit an unstoppable 35 yard half volley.

    Liverpool seem to have a miracle a season at the moment
  9. I hung in there through thick and thin and I bleed Titans/Oilers blood. My most recent memory of the great Titans performance was McNair's courageous effort vs the Raiders which resulted in a loss due to a few fumbles here and there. It was amazing how the Titans came out firing. I'm sure most of you remembered that game. Too bad we came up short in the black hole.
  10. Canadian Titan

    Canadian Titan VY & CJ = New SM & EG


    It was actually worse, it was a 35-3 lead after a BUBBA McDowell INT return early in the 2nd half, my god, that game still gives me nightmares!
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