The Titans Chances Will Revolve Around How Well Locker Runs Offense

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    Just got through reading an article on Jake Locker and how well he might play and if the team will build around his strengths at the QB position.Locker rushed for nearly 300 yards last season and possesses the type of mobility that might suit him for the type of read-option attack that's come into favor across the league.A move toward the pistol and read-option runs could have a positive effect on both Locker and Chris Johnson.

    Locker will enter his third season with only 11 starts to his name. He went just 4-7 last season and threw more interceptions than touchdowns. He also got beat up, playing with a lingering left shoulder injury that eventually needed offseason season to correct.It will be interesting to see if new offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains will be able to improve the offense and help Locker improve at the QB position.

    However if the offensive line is fixed and they bring in help especially a power back to grind up yards and wear down opposing defenses it will help them keep the ball for longer stretches which will definitely help the defense and keep them from being on the field too long and help take some of the pressure off Locker having to do too much.I definitely agree with RB coach Sylvester Croom that nowadays you need a two back system to keep the offense moving because one player especially one C.J's size is going to get worn down trying to run the ball too much.Also being that C.J. is going into his sixth season he definitely could benefit from having a power back split the load and let the power back wear the defenses down so C.J. can slice through and gain better yardage not to mention he is still fast as we saw him run back three or four plays last year for more than 80 yards so he is still dangerous.But the only thing i don't really like at this point is C.J. is already letting it be known he really doesn't want the team to go to a two back approach.I'm hoping Croom puts his foot down and brings the two back approach because C.J. did struggle quite often gaining neccessary yardage to keep drives going not to mention times where he would dance backward and lose fifteen or twenty yards.The main thing is the yards after contact which doesn't look good at all and a part of the running game where C.J. struggles so there is definitely a need for a bigger back to come in.Bringing back the smash and dash will help the run game.

    Back to the offensive line it will definitely benefit the team to pick up either Warmack or Cooper in the first round.Then definitely try and bring in someone like Levitre in free agency.It All starts with how well the line plays because the better our line is the longer our offense stays on the field which in turn also benefits the defense and helps them because they are not on the field as much.

    At WR of course we have Wright,Washington,Britt and Preston and at TE Stevens and Thompson because more than likely Cook will be gone so they might need to bring in help either through the draft or free agency.Will be interesting to see how they handle the TE spot once Cook leaves.

    Last but not least we definitely need Matt Hasselbeck to return as the backup QB so hopefully there won't be any problems there.In this league and especially with mobile starters its always good to have a reliable backup.
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    I know many others are down on the team right, but I for one am really looking forward to next year. Palmer was an awful OC and it sounds like Loggains is definitely trying to base the offense on Locker's strengths which could do wonders for him. Speculation is that we are going to be major players in Free Agency and I fully expect us to make serious plays at some of the top talent there. I am 90% sure we are going to pick up a G (hopefully Levitre) but am pretty sure Mike Wallace is a no go. Trade back and take Warmack or Cooper and I think big things are possible next year. Not necessarily superbowl (anything is possible though) but I would fully expect playoffs.


    Well, all the Jake haters go ahead and screenshot my post so you can use it against me later, but that ain't gonna happen.

    I am not even going out on a limb. I think that Locker will be a very good QB and I don't think it'll take very long either. I think all this bs with the coaches, the lockout he dealt with, bunch of crap that most QB's entering the NFL don't have to deal with, have been difficult. It would have been difficult for most young QB's. Most QB's entering the league also get to sit longer. Ya, you have the manning's and some would even say luck's, but those QB's are not the typical story. That does not mean that they are the only exceptional QB's in the league either. There are plenty of exceptional QB's in the league that took a few years to be exceptional. Do I need to mention POS Brady?

    I am patient. I still hold out great hopes for Jake.
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    I agree, but this is a pretty obvious statement.

    If Locker is any good, we are a playoff team right now.

    Our QB play was THAT bad last year. They were responsible for giving up at least 10 points a game to the other team, either from turnovers or 3 and outs.

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    Locker should be good, that's my take on him anyways.

    As for the O-line, fix that and everything will look better, we all know that.

    Runningback; we desperately need that bigger guy to get us 1-yard when we need it.

    If we do those 2 things and only those 2 things, we're a better team.

    The Steelers and Patriots are no longer the dominate forces they once were, the AFC will be anybodies for the taking in 2013.
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