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    I bet you assholes thought this was going to be a post from me claiming we will make it to the Superbowl, well its not because I am an *******.

    Anyway, I thought this was a decent topic while at work, because working is for chumps who don't think about football.

    If you could take any Titan, that did not play in the Super Bowl, who would it be and why?
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    My first thought was it HAD to be a corner or safety then I got to thinking that we haven't had much of anyone who would make a difference.

    Finnegan would probably not get under the skin of Holt or Bruce, and McCourty probably would not make a big enough difference to affect the game. He very well might have though, we were hampered by injuries in the secondary and having a capable starter might have kept them from a score, maybe.

    I even thought about Griffen, simply because on a dominant defense, the guy is a ball hawk. One turnover from him might have turned things around......

    I thought about Bulluck, but outside of Faulk's receiving abilities, he had no luck on the ground that day.

    I wanted to say Mason SO bad, because in his prime he was a great wide out, but sadly Mason was a lowly returner back then. So it was between Fat Al and KVB and I chose KVB.

    KVB has all the qualities you would want from a guy in a situation where it comes down to the wire and need 110% on every play. Even in his greatest season, AH did not give 110% and was constantly rotated. Do I think KVB would have given us the edge? I don't know, I think the Rams were just that good that year and a good representation of the two best teams in the league.
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    Finny wouldn't get under the skin of Bruce or Holt? Those guys weighed 100 pounds combined, he would have molested them and they would have said thank you.

    Anyways, maybe Kevin Carter on our side would have helped.. or Albert.
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  4. The Playmaker

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    Albert Hayneworth
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    It is ok. We are used to threads like this with JCB :troll:

    This will sound weird. I would go with Chris Hope (From his first year with the Titans).

    First, reasons I did not consider others. Our CBs that year were excellent. Both better than Finnegan and Finnegan did not suit that system we played back then. Mostly man coverage CB was also deep then with Stephen Jackson, Dainon Sydney and Donald Mitchel providing solid depth. . DE was very good too with Kearse and Holmes. Haynesworth would be tempting but that 99 team was solid enough at DT and very deep. Mawae was also tempting as he was better than Kevin Long.

    Keith Bulluck would make sense as he is better than anything we had at LB at that time. But LBs were not a big factor against that Rams team. The Titans rarely used the base 4-3 against the Rams. Much of it was played in the dime.

    Our biggest weakness in that game was FS. Marcus Robertson was injured and we ended up with Anthony Dorset playing FS against one of the best passing teams ever. Hope spent most of his time with the Titans at SS but that had more to do with Michael Griffin's vaginal problems. We could not have Griff play SS. Hope can play both safety positions. He was an FS in Pittsburgh.

    Chris Hope I think would have given us the biggest impact.
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    Nailed it. 2007/2008 Haynesworth. Hell, he would have gotten us to a Super Bowl had it not been for Lendale White and Alge Crumpler.
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    Pacman Jones! I can't stand the guy, but he was a playmaker. He could have changed the outcome of that game in a single return or interception.
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    Have to go with Haynesworth also.That 2008 playoff game in our 13-3 year should've been won with no problem but for the ignorant red zone mistakes both White and Crumpler made there are 14 more points right there.We would've killed Pittsburgh the next week the same way we did in the regular season.As far as facing Arizona in the super bowl i think we would've blown them out.Haynesworth would've put Warner out of the game and CJ would've ran all over the Cardinal defense.

    As far as the 1999 Super Bowl i do think having the 2007/2008 Haynesworth there would've made things much more harder for the Rams.I think he could've created pressure and turnovers as well.
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  9. The Playmaker

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    Haynesworth was maybe the most dominating defensive player in 07/08. Throw him on that 99 team and we definitely would've won the Super Bowl, no question about it.
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    Well, I'm going to say the 2009 Chris Johnson. I mean if you paired him with Eddie George that would be a sick combo I think.
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