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  1. TitanJeff

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    For those who need a reminder, these are the rules of this forum you agreed to when joining. If you have a question about any of them, PM me.

    Forum Rules
    By participating in this forum, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules.

    1. You must be 18-years of age or older to become a member of Those who violate this rule will find their IP blocked.

    2. You warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, threatening, or otherwise violates any laws. Cursing is not allowed including posts in which the offending words where characters used to replace letters. Such comments directed towards another poster will be treated more seriously. This also includes links to other sites with such content or embedded videos.

    3. Spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas) or advertising/commercial solicitation messages are prohibited including links to commercial sites. Spammers are usually banned on first offense.

    Also, do not use this forum to promote any other web site without the approval of the moderator(s). This includes promoting another site via a signature or by a link.

    4. Don't paste full articles which appear on other sites. Reason being, the authors of many such articles are paid by revenue the site generates from ads on their site. Quoting a part of an article is fine as is placing a link to the site in which the article appears. It also avoids any copyright infringements.

    5. Please keep posts in the area they belong. If you wish to talk about movies, for example, please post it in "The Lounge." If the moderator(s) finds that you have posted an off-topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate forum. Warnings will be issued for numerous violations.

    6. If you want to trash talk about a team or player, add the "Smack" prefix button with your title. For the sake of definition, "smack" or "trash talk" is any negative comment towards another team or player not based in fact. Most of the time, they are personal in nature. It is sometimes a judgement call by the moderators(s) as to what is should be deemed "smack". For example, if someone says "Player X is having a pitiful season", it isn't smack if it is based on fact. If someone says "Player X is an idiot", then it becomes smack because there is not solid proof to support the statement. There are clearly gray areas but the goal is to keep unsupported negative comments away from quality discussions based in fact for those not interested in such threads.

    7. Agree to disagree. Everyone's opinion counts, is valued, and should be respected. If you can't respect someone's point of view -- ignore it! Personally attacking another poster by name-calling will not be tolerated. You may call someone's comments "stupid" without calling the person who made the post "stupid". Take any negative personal stuff to a private message or e-mail.

    8. Comments dealing with or about religion, politics and racism are not allowed. This rule also extends to avatars and signatures.

    9. The moderator(s) of have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for ANY reason. In addition, the admin(s) may remove membership for any reason.

    10. Any comments concerning moderation must be done via private message (PM) or e-mail. Discussion of any moderating decisions made in the forum will be deleted and the poster given a warning or banned.

    11. Members are only allowed to have ONE active account at a time. Banned members who create a new account will find their IP blocked.

    Posts that violate the above terms will be edited or deleted upon discovery and a warning given. Depending on the nature of the violation or number of past offenses, the moderator(s) may ban a user in the thread in which the violation occurred or the entire site for a period of time (or forever as a last resort).
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  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Something mods will be doing moving forward are thread bans.

    Basically, if you do something which violates one of our forum rules, you may receive a warning, be banned from posting in that thread for a week or both.

    We're attempting to keep threads on topic and, it appears, some of the same members like to derail topics or troll particular posters. Temporary bans for posting in that thread will hopefully help.
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