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    You keep saying that but IDK why. Jason Campbell likes his TE's. As a Redskins he always went to Fred Davis, then as a starter in Oakland he hlped Zach Miller cash-in in Seattle.

    Campbell even looked solid all preseason.

    Are you having your doubts about him because Brian Hoyer leap frogged him on the dpeth chart?
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    There are two reasons not to play Cameron this week:

    1. Jason Campbell
    2. Kansas City

    KC gives up the fewest points to TEs, but I guess that's mostly due to the fact that they haven't faced a solid TE other than Witten, but still... they're an elite defense and this is the Browns with Jason Campbell at QB here. I would be very surprised if Cameron scored a TD this week and/or manages to top 7 points.

    I'd rather play Jordan Reed this week.

    And I would trade Cameron depending on what I get in return. His value isn't likely going to get any higher with the awful QB situation the Browns are in. Find a team that is rich with RBs or WRs and is forced to start Fauria at TE, and trade them... aka this would be me in our league, but my team sucks so bad, I have nothing to give other than Matt Ryan.
  3. Alex1939

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    So in my dynasty league I have Brees and Megatron lol. What a day! Can't remember scoring 100 with 2 players before (granted our scoring is not standard)

    Also had Fozzy F'n Whitacker as my 2nd RB on the day! hahaha! TD BABY
  4. Ryno

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    i'm sadly looking at the free agent pool right now and seeing the bengals Marvin Jones and his 8 catches 122yards 4TD=36 fantasy points sitting there without a home. The Jets are so Jekyll/Hyde its ridiculous
  5. RavensShallBurn

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    Yea well Marvin Jones is on my bench, so FML.
  6. TitanJeff

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    I have 140 in one NFL league with my kicker and Lacy yet to play.

    Then there's my league with RG3...
  7. SawdustMan

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    Could be worse. I had RG3 starting in one league and Vick in another. Sigh. At least I had Brees in the goTitans league.
  8. titanbuoy

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    Cuz this team is awesome...
    [​IMG]edit: I'm only 4-3... well, 5-3 now lol (with that roster!). Had two high scoring defeats. :-/ I just traded for Megatron, and Gronk just came back (although I did have Gates so I really can't complain). When Harvin starts to play I'm going to need to trade a WR and upgrade my 3rd RB I guess. Not sure which WR I should move. I'm thinking one of the Denver guys.
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