The real reason Billys gone

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    c'mon avvie! How long ago was that?
  2. The Mrs

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    Drew Rosenhaus loves drama and the spotlight and is willing to take the blame. If Billy hadn't told Drew to shut up, Drew would have been on every sports channel on a daily basis. The fact that VY was involved would have made it a national story.

    Why would BV have to open his mouth to Fisher? Floyd is in charge of trades and the agents look over the deals. So, wouldn't Drew be calling Floyd? Wouldn't Drew be calling teams to get a deal for his client? BV would have no reason to nag Fisher.

    This is the same team that locked out McNair and didn't call him and let an equipment guy tell him! They let Mac drive to the facility and get humiliated in front of his teammates. Floyd and Fisher said they had no idea that Mac was getting locked out.

    The NFL is a business, but this ain't right.
  3. Archtitan

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    At the beginning of training camp, Cowboys DE Greg Ellis demanded a trade after learning in the offseason that he was moving to OLB and his role may be diminished. Every chance he got to speak with the media, he said "I want to be traded." He had several meetings with Parcells and demanded to be traded. This is all well-documented. After a month of training camp, preseason and two regular season games, Ellis is settling in well at OLB and no one has heard a peep from him. I guess Parcells is just a much better player's coach than Fisher, since Fisher just CANT play a player that wants to be traded after being jerked around by the head coach.

    Volek said he was looking for a big payday? THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO SAY, PEOPLE! He's saying, "I want to put up big numbers and help this team win." Too many apologists on this forum. Fisher blew this season for reasons of personal pride, and discerning folks, who understand the game of football, know it. Stop trying to stomp on Volek's dead body. I'm far more inclined to believe his side of the story, it squares with the FACTS. Fisher's little ***** session yesterday only reinforced how bad things got. He should never have let this happen, no matter whose side you take. That's the coaches job. See Parcells for more on that topic.
  4. Riverman

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    For argument's sake, you can't have it both ways. Either the "real truth" won't spill out and we'll never know anything but spin or what the media is publishing is legitimate fodder for discussion. Which is it?
  5. GoT

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    That's esentially Chris Browns attitude also. Whatever it takes to stay healthy heading into FA 2$$7
  6. Vigsted

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    You mean like Chris Brown and Peter Sirmon did? It's funny how they got away with crying to Fisher and Reese when some competition was brought in.
  7. rcarie

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    According to Fisher, Volek had requested a trade many times since last year. That's a little different than Brown and Sirmon and he felt, along with the rest of the coaching staff, that Billy wasn't putting forth maximum effort due to the fact that he wanted a trade. Both Brown and Sirmon stepped it up and earned their spot unlike Billy who tucked his tail and ran...
  8. Vigsted

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    Pft, Sirmon at least didn't earn his spot, it was handed to him and you'll notice a lot of people calling for Tulloch to replace him.

    And why on earth would Volek have requested a trade many times since last year, since he's been the starter for the entire offseason and preseason and was looking to have a good final year of his contract and get a deal somewhere else?
    No Volek wanted a trade last year when McNair didn't retire and he wanted a trade when Collins was brought in to replace him. In the months between McNair being traded and Collins being brought in Volek was happy as a camper because he would get to show off his skills and hopefully be picked up by a different team next year.
  9. Gene the PIG

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    YOUR premise is what's silly. No value, huh? :rolleyes:

    Ouch. I'm hurt.

    Football is a team sport & we're discussing the facts as reported to us, mister ... that's all. What's in it for you? Why the hostility? I know, you're better than us, right? :rolleyes:

    You're gonna sit there all high & mighty, & bring up your White Castle check or whatever, & compare it to Volek & his partially guaranteed contract ... all the while he's acting like a schlong to his teammates & coaches?

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    I wish I got paid to not work
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