The QB of the Future?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. TitanJeff

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    The Titans missed the playoff last season by ONE game. You think it was because of his play throughout the season?

    Help me here. Who had a better season on the Titans offense last season?
  2. Scarecrow

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    Washington, Cook, Williams and Hawkins all had career season. Not sure if I chalk that up to coincidence.

    so the one thing they had in common was someone throwing them the ball.
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  3. SlidePiece

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    Yeah, thanks to Jake Delhomme and the texans 2nd and 3rd string. Maybe we would have been closer if Hass would have shown up to play the winless colts.

    I'm not sure what you're asking with that last question.
  4. SlidePiece

    SlidePiece Starter

    Washington was forced to be a number 1 receiver after britt went out and was our most capable receiver in a more pass heavy offense. Of course he is going to have a career season. Cook sucked up until the last couple of games. Williams and Hawkins both got more playing time than they ever have. I'm not sure that it means much that our #3 & #4 receivers had better numbers After being moved to the #2 & #3 spot in a more pass oriented offense than they have ever been in. That's what you would expect to happen reguardless of who the QB is.
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  5. Wraith

    Wraith Starter

    I'm hoping we start Locker, but as long as there isn't any controversy in the locker room i'll be fine with the decision for this year. Any media controversy or one among the fans does not matter that much to me as long as the players and coaches don't have one.
  6. Psychop1

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    Yet we still missed the playoffs. In my eyes, Hasselbeck didn't earn his job last season. He fell apart down the stretch and it started before he hurt himself trying to walk.

    He should, however, get an even opportunity to prove he should be the starter of this team, as should Locker. It shouldn't be Hasselbeck's job to lose. He already played bad enough to lose it. These guys should be on even ground going into this competition, and hopefully, that's how Munchak is treating this.

    The consensus seems to be that we should start Hasselbeck. He'll get hurt at some point because that's where he is most consistent. Then the Locker era will start. I'm not sure how this is supposed to benefit Jake or the team in any way. This ideal seems complacent and depressing to me... The better man should get the job. My prediction is Locker will be the better man. Banking on an injury so your team can get better is a Fisherism. It doesn't have to be that way! If Hasselbeck proves he is the better player, let him start and let's hope he doesn't get hurt. The same with Jake.
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  7. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    So? He also threw the ball 518 times, which is the fourth most in Titans/Oilers history. All three ahead of him were also Moon.

    Bottom line? Hass played decent. Some games good, some games terrible.

    If you are willing to settle for that, fine. I'm not, and I hope our coaching staff isn't.
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  8. ProfessorD

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    Just joined the feed and don't know if anyone has said this but the first 5 games only has one team that I think will be easy and that's Minnesota. In the first game titans play NE and unless the D shows up and puts on a clinic it will be a shoot out ( and now with britts mess who knows when he will be on the field). I think the titans will have the fire power to keep up, but is that how you want to throw Locker into the fire. He played well last year but not enough to say "hey the reins are yours now go out and out score Tom Brady, Philip rivers, big Ben, and that Detroit combo of megaton and stafford". I think hass should get the start and if by the bye week things aren't lookin to good then hand the reins to the soph and pray he can turn it around and get us to the playoffs. I think hass will do fine with the new and developing weapons he has around him. But I think like a lot of people, wether its bad play from Hass or an injury, Locker will be the man by the end of the season.
  9. GoT

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    you have not seen how prototype 'the Rifle' is
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  10. Psychop1

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    If he earns his spot, absolutely. Hasselbeck's experience doesn't give us some kind of edge in my opinion. His "experience" led to a mercy benching against Atlanta last season. If you think the kid is going to bale him out of the hard games, then let the kid start the hard games in the first place.

    The rest of your post is just depressing. Jeff Fisher screwed our fans up.
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