The problem with Locker and our offense.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Easy outs huh? There's a lot wrong it...

    [I just made a post about this]

    1 - Locker Inaccuracy - (very) often overshoots/undershoots - receivers have often had to 'make a play' on the ball to catch it (jump, go low, slow down etc...). That extra second lost and/or not hitting the receiver in stride, is essentially everything in a screen/quick out route.

    2 - Wright's 'Eagerness' (if you will) - Often Wright (mostly early on) would race up the field as soon as he caught it, not letting the blocks develop (he's also been our primary 'screen' guy, so that was quite a big part of it).

    3 - Cook Related Problems - More then once I've seen Cook out there blocking on screens, not sure exactly what he's doin out there - design flaw. The times he has been featured as the quick out guy, he's dropped it a lot - thats all on Cook! In general, this guy just needs to be streaking, whether across the field or up the field, and JAKE on those plays needs to hit him in stride and not above/behind him.

    Back to Lock - Completing the passes seems to be a problem for Lock in itself. I want a QB who can consistently lead receivers with accurate passes where breaking the first tackle becomes more of a formality... Don't tell me he's too young either, NFL is practically Big Boy College now and Luck/RG are doing it well.

    4 - General Play Design / Timing - I''m not sure Palmer was calling them at good times (with regards to the D package), nor did he design them right maybe (with who's blocking who/decoy's/etc...). Also, he had Cookie running too many curl routes...
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    My mom wanted to name it Raven, because it is solid black. However, it is a boy cat and it killed a bird and tried to cover it up, so I called it Ray Lewis.
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    You do realize last year Locker got thrown into games that we had no chance of winning and the defenses played relax coverages? His numbers are a reflection of that, that's why their is a big difference in those numbers compared to these numbers.

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    Next cat I get Im naming Richard Parker
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    Some of you guys are too much. You can make a serious assessment of Locker after 7 games and defend VY for all the garbage that guy pulled in 5 years? Ok then.
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    The real problem here is who the hell would own a cat?
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    I can't really say that I own it. It does whatever it wants. If anything, it owns me.
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    Guys like me who have kids that want warm cuddly creatures to squish.
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    Usually, people would not be judging any NFL QB after just seven starts but we're seeing a ton of production from both rookie and second-year QBs in the league which raises the bar.

    Average yards passing per game this season:

    Luck 299.7
    Dalton 248.3
    Newton 244.4
    Weeden 235
    Griffin III 221.7
    Tannehill 213.2
    Locker 210.4

    And his passer rating is lower than Gabbert's.

    No way anyone should be jumping to conclusions on Locker's future but we need to see him begin to improve some repeated errors these last four games.
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    I think that's going to be tough given we have what, 1 remaining starting offensive lineman left from the beginning of the season?

    I know some think that is just an "excuse" and other teams plan for that by having 10 top O-lineman on the roster, but I really just think it is a reality. Every year some good teams get hit bad by the injury bug and have a down season. Not sure if we are one of those good teams or not, but regardless it is hard to have good results with that many injuries.
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