The past 5 drafts.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titanup1982, Feb 24, 2013.


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    For real? Well nevermind LOL

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    So you guys keep this between us ok....
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  3. Dirk Diggler

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    2008 - really wanted Felix Jones or Rashard Mendenhall to fall to us... They proceeded to be taken two spots before our pick respectively. Since they were gone I wanted Devin Thomas when we picked. Haha I suck.

    2009 - wanted Percey Harvin. Was cool with Kenny Britt.

    2010 - Derrick Morgan

    2011 - Jake Locker

    2012 - David DeCastro. Still pissed about that one.
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  4. MikeJonesDrew

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    2012 - I actually wanted Kendall Wright. That was my safe pick for BPA if DeCastro wasnt there. Wright will plan out, just wait and see. Hes half the reason RG3 looked good and comfortbale throwing to him. Wright is a playmaker and will show it.

    2011- I wanted J.J Watt. I rememeber watching TCU vs Wisconsin in the bowl game and just being amazed at how Watt constantly beat his man off the ball to either come close to making the play or making the play. The announcers kept talking about how his work ethic and how he is a man wrecking crew. Either him or Cameron Jordan. As a CAL fan, he was a bright spot on our D. Beast mode and underrated i thought. Either or would of been fine.

    2010- I actually wanted just Eric Berry. As a Vol fan also, i think we can all agree, he was THE MAN in college. But since he went before us, i either wanted, Terrence Cody, JPP or Dez Bryant. Cody was a man wreckign crew in the middle of the Dline, JPP just was super freak talent. And Bryant was a beast at WR in college. Any of those three would be pro bowlers for us, cept maybe Cody. But he would of been that clog in our run D.

    2009 - This was one draft class i didnt pay too much attention too. But i know i thought we should of taken Sean Smith. Was rated as a top corner in the draft and i remember him being so damn tall, i thought what a good idea. Take a high rated corner with height and hopefully he pans out. Hes been solid to ok thus far. Worst pick out of all drafts that i thought we should of picked.

    2008 - I would be lying if i said i wanted Chris Johnson. I thought we would of got him in the second round. But i wanted my Boy Desean Jackson outta CAL. Nicknamed the 1 TO TURN TOO. Because he wore #1 in college. He was a straight playmaker and i was pissed we passed up on him.
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  5. dtm586

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    I hate the way the Titans draft. Gotta be bottom 10 in drafting.
  6. cdubbs2121

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    Post about something else other than dissing CJ. Keep sticking with the pro locker posts, you'll only have one more season for those here.
  7. J Falk

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    2008: Limas Sweed(HAHA glad we didn't go with that guy)
    2009: Percy Harvin/Ray Mauluga(was not mad at the Kenny Britt pick at all though)
    2010: Derrick Morgan/Pierre Paul(I was torn between the two, looks like the Giants knew their shi*)
    2011: Von Miller/Nick Fairley(Thought we reached on Locker...Wanted to wait til 2nd to get Locker or Mallett...was not mad about it though...just shocked.)
    2012: David Decastro(Thought this was more of a need than WR...Once again was not mad about the pick, just shocked)

    Overall, I think I've gotten better at judging talent since 2008.

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    If you think I don't knock Locker for the things he does poorly, you're mistaken.

    I simply think it's too soon to label him anything.

    CJ however, last 2 years he's stunk, and yes I understand it's partially because of the O-Line, but he's not doing his part either.

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    Back on track, the guys I've wanted in each draft have been

    2008 - DeSean Jackson
    2009 - Hakeem Nicks
    2010 - Derrick Morgan
    2011 - JJ Watt/Jake Locker(if it was a QB Jake was the guy)
    2012 - Dre Kirkpatrick
  10. steverife

    steverife Starter

    I wish I could find the old thread, so I can see if I remember it the same way.

    One thing that I'm certain of is that I slammed my cell phone against the wall when we took Locker. I dearly want to be wrong about him.
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