The Official "I'm Done" Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Yes, and the NFL too

  2. Yes, going to find a new favorite team

  3. I am saying I am done but am not really. I will be back to suffer.

  4. I done now but if they are good one day I will be back like a poser

  5. I am stuck as a fan until I die

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  1. avvie

    avvie It's another cold day in Hell Tip Jar Donor

    I'll keep the wife around for cooking and groceries but I'll be spending a lot more time with the mistress.

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  2. Aloha Y'all

    Aloha Y'all Special Teams Standout

    I'm still rooting for the Titans because I like Mariota, and they are my home state team. But my days of believing they're ever going to be anything other than s perennial 4 win team are over. It pisses me off because not only are the Titans the worst team in the NFL, they managed to accomplish that feat in the worst division in the NFL, and somehow I'm hoping for a 6 win season. Meanwhile, the guy who wanted to be our next head coach is just leading the Patriots' offense to another Super Bowl. Pathetic is the appropriate word for this situation
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  3. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    I'll watch if I don't have anything else going on until it gets too unbearable. I kind of want to see how bad it gets...
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  4. dtm586

    dtm586 The Master Jedi


    I don't think anyone will leave except the few remaining Mariota / Oregon fans who swam to the Titan ship last year - they are all in fact walking the plank as we speak :howdy:

    The rest of us who have followed this disgustingly mediocre franchise since the end of the Oiler days will always be here - stuck and forced with bad decisions, lack luster play, minimal playmakers and zero luck that is called the Titan franchise.

    Were all still here - just got to take another gut punch and pull through like always as the process repeats itself over and over :bored: :hitthefan:
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  5. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    Yep, the Xanax of the forum.
  6. Jedimasterbyrd

    Jedimasterbyrd Time Traveler/Jewel Thief

    I'll never be done. These past few years have been dark but those of us who stick around can wear it as a badge of honor when we become good again. This is not a sexy pick but I honestly hope that he is successful. I will at least give the man a chance. Lets see what things look like with his system in place instead of Whiz's. I expect improvement next year. The turnaround might be slow but the last few years has proven that I'm a patient man. I think we're overacting a little right now. I wanted Hue, but I'll give Mularkey a chance.
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  7. Rwill

    Rwill Pro Bowler

    I cant bail on the Titans for any current team. But I guarantee you, the moment we have a new expansion team. I am done with this BS. I cannot believe they hired the worst possible candidate out of a list of not great candidates.... Been a fan since the Earl Cambell days and followed them through the moves and changes but I can only go so far... This is as bad as it gets IMO.
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  8. JRayStay

    JRayStay Starter

    Hey!! I represent that remark!
    You guys should try living in the PacNW, where the only NFL team is the Seahawks.
  9. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 All-Pro

    One thing is for sure, I'm not doing any "countdown to kickoff" celebrations this coming season.

    I literally don't give a damn about this team anymore.
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  10. SuperMariota

    SuperMariota Starter

    My fandom is connected to Marcus. Not the ORG. If he's there, I'm there, Unfortunately. They're not getting a red penny from me. I don't appreciate how they have handled the fans.
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