The official "I'm done" thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWrath, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Exactly. Thank you.

    The losing I can deal with. What I can't deal with is the constant incompetency and/or complacency (it's gotta be one or the other) at the very top of this organization.
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    Maybe there are better options maybe there aren't. John Madden isn't trying to jump back in last I checked and it doesn't seem to me that many proven people are out there right now. You've still got a bunch of question marks at the moment.

    "But we know what we have with Munch!!!!"

    Actually, we can't really say that we do. Munch has been killed by the injury bug since he started coaching here.
    Year 1 - Kenny Brittles goes down and is never the same. Prior to that injury he looked to be one of the best in the league. Also, Hasselbeck was injured on and off.
    Year 2 - Locker cannot stay healthy.
    Year 3 - We get Williams who is never healthy, Greene got hurt early on, Locker got hurt, etc.

    I will say that Munch has made awful personnel decisions though. Matthews isn't doing it for our OL, and for whatever reason Munch fired the two coaches that had put the best product on the field in 2012 (ST and LB).

    That said, we were only a few non-botched-punts/kickoffs away from being in the playoffs this year. I know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but we weren't terrible this year outside of a few games. We certainly improved from the previous year.

    "But we were 9-7 in 2011!"

    We also played a retardedly easy schedule. The Cows looked like SB contenders because of that schedule.
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    All I see there are a crap ton of excuses. YMMV.

    And I really hate this argument that "there isn't anyone proven out there". And I suppose Munch is proven? Yeah, proven to suck. If the rest of the league operated according to that logic then no coordinator or college coach would ever get a job (because they aren't "proven" and all) and head coaches would rarely be fired.
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    Munch has only had three years and has been hit with the injury bug every single year.

    He hasn't proven anything one way or the other. Maybe the scales are tipping towards "not that great" due to personnel decisions, but I'm not ready for Greg Schiano pt. II to attempt to appease a rabid fanbase.

    Hell, even if they did fire Munch you know good and damn well this entire board would be pissing and moaning about whoever they do hire.
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    lmao at the reactions in this thread......... I said this earlier in the thread.... HUGE difference between being an angry and upset fan at the organization for incompetence and making or not making terrible decisions and the fans that go root for other teams or "front runners" as I call them. Front Runner can get the F out for all I care, you stick with your team. My problem is being called out for being frustrated with this team in other threads. I am a pissed off fan at the moment but by no means does that mean I am jumping ship. I'd rather die in two toned blue any day of the week!
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    Nice call out. I haven't been paying attention to you lately Alex because you're stuck in this fake fan BS. It reminds me of a lot of "redneck pride"- you know when folks are so ostracized, they band together and criticize/condemn others that think differently. Or herd mentality, follow others because you believe there is safety in numbers and aren't independent enough to think for yourself.

    Only an idiot blindly follows and lends their own resources to a person or a cause that is running counter to their own good sense. Many of the posters you are lambasting as "fake ass fans" are simply tired of putting their resources into an organization is wasting them on poor administrative, coaching and personnel choices. Most folks I hear are simply saying they will no longer support their team financially. And even if they do want to cheer for another team, that's their choice. This is free country. It doesn't make them any less smart etc. This isn't war. It isn't family. It's a f*cking entertainment industry. And the Titans are FAILING to entertain.

    Those players aren't my brothers and they sure don't give a f*ck about me- whether or not I'm entertained. They want their paycheck, their ring and their legacy. They piss on the fans the same as this organization does. Tommy Smith only wants his profit margin to continue as much as possible. He's new at this. I'm not sure yet if he is good or bad at it. He may just be waiting to fire Munch when another HC becomes available to interview (eg- Greg Roman). IDK. We'll have to see about that.

    As far as a cultural overhaul, I agree with you regarding the Titans fans. But I differ in that I believe the organization is responsible FIRST to give the fans something to be loyal to. The reason Steelers, Ravens, Pats, Colts, even the Cowboys fans are "loyal" and fervent is because the organization has proven to the fans they are WORTHY of being supported. Financially and emotionally. The fan cultural overhaul occurs AFTER the organization undergoes a cultural overhaul in which they produce some championships for the fans. Hell- the Titans haven't had an identity worthy of supporting since 03, and even then it was only for a brief while.

    So personally, I don't give chit if you or any body calls me a "fake fan". No disrespect to you or others who enjoy in calling other fake fans but labeling me as such doesn't affect my day one bit. That ideology works for me and I recommend it to anybody else tired of the "fake fan" monikers being tossed about.

    And please be sure to bump this thread when we do make the playoffs.
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    This is what I don't get it. Why do some people automatically assume that whoever we bring in would be even worse than Munch? It shouldn't be too damn hard to make a better hire than Munch. Looking at coaches with actual coordinator or HC experience would be the painfully obvious first step. :rolleyes:

    And if you're implying that hiring a college coach would be "Greg Schiano part 2" then okay. But it could also be "Pete Carroll part 2" or "Jim Harbaugh part 2" or "Chip Kelly part 2". FWIW I'd much prefer an NFL OC to a college HC. But if you're going to wait around for someone "proven" to come along before making a coaching change then you're probably going to be waiting around awhile. I highly doubt Bill Belichick or Sean Payton or John Harbaugh are going to be available anytime soon.

    I really don't think that's true. The only way the entire board would be outraged would be if we conducted another sham of a "head coach search" like last time and did another in-house handoff or something.
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