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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titansfan769, Mar 20, 2013.


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    but the funny part of all this was 80% of regular fans here said it was a good deal

    me and like 3 others were fuming, but everyone else was happy we kept him
  2. xpmar9x

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    1st: Warmack
    2nd: Tank Carradine
    3rd: Barrett Jones

  3. titansfan769

    titansfan769 Starter

    Another Reinfeildt crisis we are cleaning up. Even if we save the $1M now, its well worth the extra roster spot and the $4M+ for next year.

    LANGSTER Starter

    429 says the savings will be 1.870 million against the cap. I do not care what it is cut his a**! NOW! He is awful at center and terrible at guard.

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    By the way tank carradine is a real sleeper in this draft if we could get him at pick 10 in round 2, it would be a real steal. Guy did not get hurt last year he would go in the top 15
  6. ImATitan

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    Yea this guy just needs to be cut already. 1.9 in cap savings isn't much at all but I just want to see him go at this point.
  7. Alzarius

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    We are fine against the cap and are not appearing to be chasing anyone else. If we do, and we need the money, then you cut him and get the money to go after someone. (although it wont help that much)

    A bunch of you went full retard last year thinking the line could not get worse than the year before... then last year it did.

    I dont like Amano, and dont want him being our center. However he is not our center.....If he does start at center, we can riot but the front office is not stupid.

    If the guy we signed is better than Amano at guard and plays/grades out that way... great.... you cut Amano and move forward. However cutting him just for the hell of it is just plain stupid. (you know.. this thing called competition in camp... ect... kinda happens every year.. with every NFL team)

    I didnt see any of you bitching about Amano when CJ was running for 2k yards. I also didnt see any of you bitching in 2008 when we had the top ranked offensive line in pass protection.

    Hes not a GREAT guard, he is an average guard and has proven to be part of a line thats number one against the pass, and part of a line that can produce a 2k yard rusher. Stop being so narrow sighted about it and try to understand that the front office is trying to make the team better.... not have knee jerk reactions because they cant remember longer than 2 years ago.

    All offseason we watched 90% of this board freak out and become drama queens about how this front office and organization cant bring anyone in, dont know what they are doing, dont care about winning, ect ect ect....... were moving in the right direction and they made fools out of some of you.....but some of you still NEED something to complain about.

    I just dont get it
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  8. acqua7

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    I fear that Jake locker will run into his but and fall down - I don't wish for our QB to look like sanchez.

  9. Alzarius

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    Every time last year when I thought about how much it sucked to be a Titans fan at times..... Id see a report about the Jets and feel a little bitter
  10. UrbanLegend3

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    Great post. I am also in the cut Amano immediately camp but i must admit that my position is rooted in emotion and your approach is much more logical. I don't think we're pursuing anyone else and have decent cap space so the 1.9 mill we'd save is not game-breaking. I would however like to avoid paying him 4 mil next year.
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