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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Sonic28, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. J Falk

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    You might be right about Barrett Jones, but it's very possible you're not. We've seen in recent drafts that interior lineman tend to fall in the draft. I think Jonathan Cooper is just as good if not better than Jones, and I strongly believe that one of them will fall to our pick in the 2nd. There's also Dallas Thomas and Larry Warford, all of whom are probably better than what we have right now.

    Jenkins hurt his foot at the beginning of this season, but before that he was a top 3 DE and ahead of Carradine and Werner on the depth chart...I'd spend a 4th/5th on him especially knowing that he'll more than likely be able to participate in training camp.

    Landry is a risk, but that's why I say draft a safety in the 3rd as well(also, he'll be cheaper than the other top safeties like Byrd and W Moore)...IF he does go down, we have a serviceable, good young guy behind him(Phillip Thomas is a beast). If he doesn't go down, we have a really good, underrated safety that's cheap and we have a possible replacement for Wiffin

    Hillis is a cancer in the locker room??? Good ole country boy would fit in perfectly in worries about that, and he'd be a perfect power back/full back. Probably can get him cheap too. If not, I'd be just fine with one of the 10 other power backs out there in FA.

    You're probably right about linebacker...I'd like Witherspoon and Mcgrath back because they are decent backups/special teamers that have been here a minute...Maybe resigning Z Diles would be a good remedy? Hopefully we don't have to worry about that and McCarthy heals up real good this offseason...he's such a beast.
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    yeah, let Marks go and use that money to sign a big run stuffer...there's plenty of them out I've said, I like Alan Branch(6'6 325, played in Seattle's 43 defense). There's also Sammie Hill(6'4, 330, very talented but sat behind some great DT's in Detroit), Isaac Sopoaga(6'2, 330), Desmond Bryant(6'6, 315)...kind of get where I'm going? All our current guys are what, 6'1, 300 lbs at the most? We need one of these big boys..I'm sure we can get one cheap.
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    Kwame Geathers - 6'5 355 - rJR - Georgia
    He started behind John Jenkins (proj 1st/2nd) in the 3-4. Geathers was a 43 guy and really struggled in the 34. Started to put it together towards the end of the year. He's a big ole guy. 40 tackles, including five for losses and a sack - and only started 4 games. Rather than step in as a full-time starter in 2013 as a SR, he went pro. Both his brothers are/were in the NFL.

    We can get him with a 3rd round pick. Monster size.
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    White people can be bad teammates, too.
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    2013 - "Updated" Offseason Wishlist - Based on recent happenings

      • Cuts/Retirements
        • Hutch - retires
        • Hawkins - cut
        • Amano - Top 5 Center $$ :hugelaugh:
        • Babs - cut
        • Harper - cut
        • Hasselbeck - I believe we keep him if he restructures, if not he's gone. He is not (or should not at least) getting $5.5M to be a back-up. Time for Rusty to step up or go home.
      • Resignings
        • Cook - Use the franchise tag and make him earn a big contract next year
        • Velasco - Rated very well acutally by PFF. I dont necessarily want him starting though, but he would be a great back-up center/guard
        • Diles - LB Depth
        • Bironas - Hopefully doesnt want crazy money, but if the deal is reasonable let's let him finish a Titan, he deserves it for all of those good years - remember "In Bironas We Trust"
      • FA Signings - Precursor to the Draft
        • G - Andy LeVitre - #1 FA Target

    • DT - Glenn Dorsey -

      • He has been playing out of position (my opinion) the last 3 years as a 3-4 DE. Great run stuffer which we need, but putting him back in his natural position as a 4-3 DT will allow him to be great I believe. Henry Melton is a great option as well but I believe he is going to command top $$ and we wont make a serious play at him.
      • CB - Brent Grimes - Originally I had a stop-gap (Jammer) but after watching his play fall off this year I have changed my mind. Grimes, assuming he can stay healthy, is young and talented and this would push Verner back to the slot role where he excels
      • DE - Michael Bennett - Very servicable DE, still young and good against the run. We have to go into the draft with at least 1 FA DE signing or we will be forced to reach for a DE early
      • RB - Brandon Jacobs - will be cheap. Hear me out on this one: he has had a year off basically, and he will be looking to prove something. We need a punishing back to complement CJ - and it doesn't get more punishing than Jacobs. Also it will make sense in the short term when you see my draft projections.
      • SS - William Moore - starting safety that immediately helps our secondary

    Personally I see one of 3 potential scenarios happening on draft day:
    1. One of the defensive playmakers falls, a la Star and we grab him
    2. All of the sure fire picks defensive picks for us are off the board, and we trade back in the mid-late teens to someone wanting an OT (since Lewan and Matthews are going back to school). I cant see us taking Warmack at 10 when we could trade back a few spots and still get him. Under this scenario I see us getting an additional 2nd. We grab 1) Warmack 2) B. Jones 3) Okafor
    3. All of the sure fire picks defensive picks for us are off the board, but Teo is there. Baltimore wants to replace their nearly 2 decade icon on D, and think Teo is that guy. Under this scenario we swap 1sts, get their 2nd, and get their 1st rounder in 2014. We grab 1 - Late First B. Jones (Warmack off the board) 2 - Our pick Okafor and 2 - Late 2nd from Ravens Larry Warford
    I think Scenario #2 is most likely, but I wouldn't mind the 3rd scenario in the least. Below is my prediction based on Scenario #2.
    • Round 1 - Chance Warmack - G - We trade back into the 15-20 range and grab a sure fire HOF guard that will immediately open up some daylight for CJ
    • Round 2 - Barret Jones - C - I hope (fingers crossed) the perfect scenario happens and Barret Jones falls into our laps in the 2nd. He would be the cerebral leader of the line. This would complete the much needed overhaul of our OL, and the continuity of him and Warmack still together cannot be understated.
    • Round 2 (from trade down) - Alex Okafor - DE - I've seen a few mocks of him falling into the late 2nd. He may very well go in the late first to team like Atlanta, but if he falls we grab him. He is the most well-rounded DE in this class. I could see him starting at some point for Wimbley and Wimbley becoming a pash rush specialist, i.e. Wimbley sucks against the run. I think that is a win-win for both players.
    • Round 3 - Jonathon Bostic - ILB - Originally had ILB Andrew Jackson but he's going back to school. Under this scenario he would be a back-up until McCarthy injures himself. I dont care what Munch believes, we do not go into the season with Shaw as our back-up MLB.
    • Round 4 - Denard Robinson - WR - whether or not he has a "true" position in the NFL, he is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. He can line up outside and he can run it. This pick would add another dynamic element to our offense. If Britt manages to Fup again, he could be our deep threat. Depending on his performance as a WR in the Senior Bowl, he very well could be off the board by this pick.
    • Round 4 (Projected Comp) - Tyrann Mathieu - CB/S - Yes he is prone to bad decisions and has a been out of football for a year, but when you look at tape of him in 2011 he was dominant. He would start as a return specialist (thus saying goodbye to Reynaud - overrated) and hopefully develop into a great starting safety or corner in a year or 2
    • Round 5 - Marcus Lattimore - RB - Obviously he would need to go on IR for the year and rehab. The kid would have been a first rounder for sure if not for that freak injury. I believe the kid comes back and is dominant again, a la Willis McGahee. He has the potential to eventually take over for CJ
    • Round 7 - Montori Hughes - DT - Here is another guy with big potential. A big body to help clog up OL
    2013 Outlook

    Assuming the above happens, our OL would go from glaring weakness to one of the biggest strengths of this team, and the ramifications will be far reaching. CJ will have some holes to run through, and Brandon Jacobs could convert the short yardage stuff. Locker will have more time to sit back, and hopefully not having to run for his life every other pass play.
    If Britt, who seemingly still has the decisionmaking capacity of a 4 year old, can remain out of further trouble, I see him still "magically" returning to dominant form and really helps out our offense. Give us an OC which a brain and that offense could be great.

    Please please please get us a new DC. I dont care if we had P. Peterson and D. Revis as our starting CBs, if they played 10 yards off the receiver we would still be giving up plays! We have some pieces in place and with the additions above I think we could have a great one. Ayers and Brown (if used properly) will be studs in this league.

    Im sure I will update again before FA starts.
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    For real though, I could see us targeting a WR.

    Britt - Contract year. Likely to get injured or end up in jail.
    Washington - Will be 30. Not a #1, solid #2.. good vet.
    Wright - Lots of catches, where was the "playmaker" though? Can he be a #1 "Steve Smith"?
    Williams - Contract year. Average, decent depth.

    Those really are our only 4 receivers. I don't count Hawkins, Mariani, or Preston. There are some free agents available: Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Mike Wallace, and Danny Amendola. I doubt we can land any of them besides Jennings/Bowe might leave their current teams... will we pay one? Unlikely.

    There isn't any impact receivers in this draft. But if a top-rated WR falls to our 2nd or 3rd, I wouldn't be shocked if we took receiver.

    Although, next year well likely still suck and can pickup Marqise Lee.
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    I thought about making a thread but just going to post it here. If we got rid of Britt (cut/trade) where do you see us going with at WR now? Trade back and snag a late 1st and a 2nd and go OG/SS and WR? I'm really tired of Britt now, just want to start fresh and look for a new guy. I wouldn't mind Dwayne Bowe and a mid round pick but then again Cordale Patterson and Keenan Allen really intrigue me.
  8. The Playmaker

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    Dream situation: Bowe, Moore, Levitre, Dorsey, and a good #2 CB (plenty out there)

    Trade back and pick up Warmack, Ogletree, and Lacy.
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    we would probably just ride it out with Preston.

    Honestly, I think he could do almost as well as Britt did last season. I would still like to pick up Bowe though. Most teams need that big physical receiver.
  10. SawdustMan

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    I'd say Bowe's had his fill of playing for crap teams.
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