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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by RollTide, Dec 18, 2008.

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    You don't kill individual people.

    Each guy is like a capo with his own crew of hitmen, thugs and bodyguards. You kill them. You also take money, guns cars and stuff.

    No you can't kill the boss and takeover. If you don't like a guy join a family that is enemy to that fam.

    There are 3 strategies.

    1. Collect, build up your forces, defend your city and alliance but only attack those who attack first. Send all excess cash to bankers who can't be attacked.

    2. Looters, run around from city to city attacking anyone weaker and taking their stuff.

    3. Collecters-attackers, families that build up their strength to attack and zero out someone they don't like or a city they want to control.

    No you don't attack members of your own family tessio.
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    My name in the game is Smolensk

    The family i'm in is Shadow_Gates

    The boss is Shadow_God

    The city we are in is Tampa though most of the time I play in Moscow.

    When you register and log in to play you will have a log in name and password(of course) and then for that round your mafia name. So when you go in to play you choose a name and what city.


    Log in

    Choose tampa as your city

    Message me(smolensk) right away for an invite to the family and join.

    When you first start you get 2500 "turns" with 5000 reserve "turns". You get $500m in cash. the first thing is to use those 2500 turns to hire thugs and body guards(From the hire section) and use most of the cash to buy ak 47s(From the black market section). Buying booze make your men happy.:ha:

    Once with your family then you can use the 5000 researve turns to hire more body guards.

    Throughout the 10 day round you accumulate 25 turns every 10 minutes or 150 an hour.

    Just join and play the rest of the round to get your feet wet and then next round or the next after we start our own fam in moscow using our gotitans names. I would start the fam but we could alternate who gets to be boss and consigliere from round to round.
Thread Status:
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