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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. SawdustMan

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    You probably aren't going to find anything less than $15 close to the stadium.

    Wouldn't worry about it at all. As others have said, most Titan fans are decent people. Of course every stadium is gonna have its share of drunken idiots. But even so, I don't think anyone's going to yell obscenities or anything at a 9 year old boy. Honestly, out of all the games I've been too I've never really seen any opposing fans getting picked on that weren't asking for it by being extremely obnoxious (cough cough Ravens cough cough).
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    Thanks. I hear ya on that last part. I've actually advised some of my friends not to take their kids to Eagles games because of the sections of the stadium where they had tickets. Upper deck + lots of beer = jerks. (And I say jerks since newbie board posters who are fans of opposing teams are on a choke chain for a while. :brow: )
  3. ladytitan

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    Hi Titans Fans!

    It took forever and a day to be able to post after I signed up! But now I am here. Can't wait for tomorrows game! GO TITANS! :D
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  4. Dendore

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    Your newest member!

    Hello Titans Fans!!! Another one of you has arrived. Not really sure what all to say here, I guess let me give you guys my background as a Titans fan. (Might be a longish read :lol: )

    I was born and raised in Nashville, and grew up going to all of our minor league sports team games. I was always sad we didn't have a professional league team, so as far as Pro Football went I was actually a very big Cowboys fan as a kid. I still regard Emmitt Smith as one of the greatest athletes of all times.

    So when I heard we were going to get a pro team I was stoked. When I learned it was the Oilers.... well... I wasn't happy. I didn't despise the Oilers, especially since a lot of the players actually changed in the transition... but how are they going to give me a team out of Texas and it not be the Cowboys? I watched their games, even went to a game or two (also a practice or two and got a lot of signatures for about half the team at the time (McNair, George, Wycheck, and the like ((I have it framed and hanging on my wall still)), but I found myself still cheering the Cowboys on more.

    Then it is 1999, the stadium is finished, we change our name, we change our logo and colors (GREAT CHOICES I might add... I really do love it all). I'm like OK... this is officially my home team... in the right city, new name, new people... let's see what we can do. And lo and behold.... we go to the Super Bowl! Needless to say they had won me over. I have been a fan ever since.

    Then I go off to college. I went to the University of Texas in Austin (2005-2010). My freshmen year we are national champions, carried by none other than Mr inVinceable. Now Vince did lie to us, he was a junior, he said he was going to stay another year, play another year, finish his degree. But when his agent showed him the $ signs, he changed his mind. This was sad, but nothing compared to the joy of me learning that he was coming to Nashville.

    I just recently moved back here this summer, just in time for Vince's comeback; taking us 8-2 at the end of last season and looking pretty damn good so far this season. Being home, with Vince, and all the other Longhorns (Scaife, Hall, Griffin (we really do have a good assortment)) has converted my fandom into fanaticism. I would of bought season tickets this year if I could afford it, but I have gone to a couple games already (I actually was at the Eagles game just yesterday, and sadly did not get to see my boy Vince play, but it was a great game nonetheless). I'm convinced we're going to the playoffs and it wouldn't surprise me if we made a Super Bowl appearance. That would be quite the welcome home party for me :D .

    So in summary, yes I'm young, and I probably havn't been a fan of the franchise as long as some here; but I challenge any to say my heart isn't out there on the field with our boys every gameday as much as the next 12th Titan. I bleed orange and blue. I really think our current team's potential is limitless if we can all sync up, especially with Vince at the helm. And to those that bad mouth Vince, don't even talk to me. Yea he's made some mistakes, but he's the heart of that team and I don't see how some people can call themselves fans and show any disrespect of any player.
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  5. drs23

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    Newbie Texan Fan

    Hello Titan Nation,

    Texan fan here to offer my condolences to Flaming Arrow's fellow board members and family as well. He was a well respected member on

    He will be missed.
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    Titans fan and student of the game here. Raised an Oilers fan by my Texan family and stuck with the Titans, although I've lived in Washington state most of my life.

    Any military here?

    I've never been to a Titans game but trying to change that this season. I travel a lot for training and going to Afghanistan next year, so it's tough to find time, but I gotta do it!
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    What up peoples. Glad you're here.
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    Dear Titan Nation,

    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stu and I found this board over the weekend. As a Titan fan living in Houston, it's been a rough road ever since the Oilers left, but I stayed with the team regardless of the new addition of the sows calling Houston home. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy Titans football with other Titans fans, and I hope to get to share some of my knowledge with you all and vice versa. GO TITANS :logo:
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  9. catfanintn

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    Hello all.....Titans fan since they came here, but never knew about this forum.
  10. jachba

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    Hi, Charger fan here and no, I don't troll. I am aware that some of our "fans" have given the rest of us a bad reputation on some boards.
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