The introduction thread.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2009.

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    What do you plan on doing with your degree?

    That field, especially MX and OPs, are booming.
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    One more Taboo what is it and where do I go to get started.

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    Well first, you have to send a PM to TitansJeff, he is the owner and boss of the site to request entry. Taboo is where you go if you just feel an itch to go all out in discussion about politics, racism, war, sexual orientation, or anything else that would have to be censored in the NFL/Titans/Lounge section. It's the place where you really get to know folks. The main rule of Taboo is, what goes in Taboo, stays in Taboo.
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    Welcome to goTitans.

    Starting a new thread isn't allowed for brand new members. In a couple of days, you'll be promoted automatically and you'll see a blue button which allows you to start one.

    As for the other things like Sportsbook and Stocktrader, those are just some fantasy-type games we have. When you post, you earn moolah which can be used to bet on games or put into stocks.

    Taboo opens to members after they've been here for six months upon request.

    Feel free to explore around. That's the best way to get a feel for the place. Leave any questions here and someone will help you out.
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    I'll be taking my Airframe test hopefully in a couple of months once I get all refreshed on all of it and then when I finish my last semester in May I'll be taking the Powerplant portion. Be transferring to Liberty for the Aviation Management degree online(keep that GI bill money coming in) as soon as I graduate in the summer.

    Not sure yet honestly. Gonna look at UPS and FEDEX first, then some Military contractors like Lockheed, Northrup, and Boeing. Other than those I thought of trying to get on a place where I can deploy as a civilian to the desert.
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    Aloha Y'all,
    I've been a casual Titans fan since the team moved to Nashville. I've followed them much more since I moved to Tennessee from South Alabama, 10 years ago. I've been to a few games. I watch them as often as I can. They are my favorite NFL team, although I'm a huge college football fan (Alabama, of course).
    I got really excited when the Titans drafted Mariota with their first round pick. I've always liked Mariota as a human being, and as a football player.
    I'm curious which direction the Titans will take here as they enter what is, in my estimation, a crossroads off-season. I am eager to see who they choose with the first overall pick, as well as who they choose as the new head coach and GM.
    I could see this as the most defining off-season in this team's history since moving to Nashville.
    I look forward to contributing to the forum, making friends, becoming a better Titans fans, and following the team through these landmark decisions with you, the members of
    Several years ago I was a very active contributor to an Alabama football fan forum, and it made the fan experience much more enjoyable. I learned a lot about the team that I never would have known, and I made some friends that I'm still in contact with today. Hoping for a similar experience here.
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    The gay ones are because of tracking cookies .. may be time to run CCleaner ;)
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