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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2009.

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    The Titans o-line was ranked dead last by a mile in run blocking last year and we were near the top for pass blocking.
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    Each seat comes with it's own sheet of tickets. So if you have two tickets they came from two different sheets. Yes, we have to seperate them, and they have perforation. Our season tickets for the Pats game have Code Blue on them. They scan the barcode when you enter the stadium, so I'm not sure if you could actually verify them prior to the game. The tickets came from two different sheets, and depending on the person seperating them the edges will be different.
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    Hey guys thanks a lot for the replies! For some reason i was under the impression Hutch was acquired last year, but now that i know he wasnt here last season that gives me some more optimism/hope for this line. Hopefully he has a few more solid years left in the tank! I know one man doesnt make an entire line, but it's a CHANGE (delta) - something different from last year, you know. For instance, at least we aren't going into this season with ABSOLUTELY NO changes on the line. Rather, we added a perennial pro bowler to help shore things up.
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    Hey everyone! Not new to the board been reading ya'lls stuff for years.

    A little about myself, I'm a Medic in the US Army. Currently deployed to Afghanistan. With that being said, I don't get to watch many games. If anyone out there records the games and would like to mail me copies I'd greatly appreciate it. Just shoot me a msg and I'll send you my address.
    Thanks for all the entertainment I've gotten from reading this forum over the years and especially this season.

    SGT Dugan
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    Long time reader joined about a month ago. Born and raised in Nashville. moved away and came back in '01. became an instance Titans fan.
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    Welcome and thanks for your service.

    I wish the NFL would make games available to members of the military.
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    Sometimes they do with AFN, its just hard to get a chance since you are working 100% of the time and don't always have access to a TV.
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    thank you. The military has AFN which shows some games but its never the titans and for the past week and a half satellite is out so we don't get to see anything. I try to follow ya'lls post on here during the games.
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    Well, let's hope the Titans can give you something worth seeing.
  10. gofastfreeman

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    hello everybody, I am a long time titans fan and long time reader of I live next door in north carolina, I grew up in a family full of cowboys and redskins fans but I jumped on the bandwagon after the 2000 superbowl game and I have stuck with them ever since then. Well that just about sums me up so I hope to have some good discussions with my fellow titans fans in the future.

    PS i am horrible at grammar so please excuse any grammatical errors.
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