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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. HighBoltageMD

    HighBoltageMD Camp Fodder

    Hey, Charger fan here...

    Not here to start trouble, just talk about the big game on X-mas.

    I have family in Tenn., north of Knoxville. So I'm not a hater (until game time ;);))
  2. Pirate5291

    Pirate5291 Camp Fodder

    Hello everyone. I am a lifelong East Carolina fan who lives in Greenville, NC. My brother is a student at UT and has been a Titans fan since he moved to Knoxville. I have followed them casually since that time. When they drafted Chris Johnson I became a full time fan and watch every game. I decided it is time to get into some discussions with other Titan's fans. I look forward to meeting you all and talking Titan's football.
  3. Ericgolonghorns

    Ericgolonghorns Camp Fodder

    Hey everyone, I've been following the Tennessee Titans (albeit illegally off the internet) since Vince Young was picked in 2006.

    Currently I'm a UT Austin student and a physics major, to give a little image of the dedication of our fanbase to the UT football team even my super nerdy physics professors have posters of players current and old in their offices (mainly because the team writes their checks in one way or another)

    I have however, grown to like the Tennessee Titans and rooted for them in their 13-3 year and as such have grown an intense hatred of the Ravens after that playoff loss. I have to admit, I'm glad Vince has come back in style and look forward to the 2010 season.
  4. MikeyDay

    MikeyDay Clutch like a stick shift

    Wut up, My name is Mikey, i been a Titans fan since 99. I am a member of Thegridironpalace so i know how forum rules work. You shouldnt have a problem with me unless u in a debate with me. As for future headups, a Colts fan on TGP knows Tony Dungys son and has inside info on the Colts and other agents. He tells us whats going on before they even happen or heard about. So ill try again this yr to inform u all on wut he tells me when he does. He told us last yr a day before Washington signed, that he was going to sign with us before it even was heard about. So hes crediable and so am i on what he tells me. Also , i wanna know what happened to the message boards on They just dissappeared over last off season and havent been back on since. Otherwise, hit me up anytime i got yall
  5. Courtesy Flush

    Courtesy Flush 49er fan

    I'm Courtesy Flush and I am a 49er fan; but, I have a lot of respect for the Titans. I think you have a solid team and an Elite back in Chris Johnson (one of my favorite players to watch). I thought I would come here and talk Titans football since I use the Titans in Madden and was assigned to draft for the Titans in my mock draft game. Plus, I just enjoy talking about football in general.
  6. youngtobritt

    youngtobritt Camp Fodder

    Go Titans! Hopefully in 2010 Mike Keith's voice gets horse from yelling my username then the words "TOUCHDOWN TITANS!!"
  7. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Starter

    2ToneBlueBlood is the name. 10 things about me.

    - My least favorite part of the year is March-August.
    - I find the NFL draft fascinating.
    - I prefer a pass first offense.
    - I hate prevent defenses and conservative coaching.
    - If given a choice, I prefer a kick to the groin rather than watching a basketball game.
    - Baseball is called "the national pastime" because it's time has passed. The age of the NFL has begun.
    - I dislike bananas, peanut butter, sweet pickles, and pillow cases.
    - I like ranch dressing, bacon, new unworn tubesocks, and the lord of all drinks Dr. Pepper.
    - If something I say sounds odd, don't worry it made sense at the time I said it.
    - I LOVE ME SOME TITANS! :grrhee:
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  8. Valdog

    Valdog NY's Biggest Titan Fan

    Valdog here -- one of the (I'm sure many) come-overs from the old TOMB website. I don't usually post too much from when the Super Bowl ends until the a few days before the draft, so I'll be around here more and more in the near future.

    NFL Football is my favorite sport, followed by a tie between college basketball and pro baseball. I've been a huge Titans fan since the mid 90s and a big Yankees fan since I was born. I'm 20 years old and I live in upstate NY near Albany. I'm a college student here studying computer science.

    Are there any old TOMB members lurking around?
  9. DutchTitan

    DutchTitan Camp Fodder

    Hi Everyone,

    Hans here, I'm 24 years old and I live in The Netherlands. When I got into Football, the Houston Oilers attracted me, but unfortunately they don't exist anymore. Last year I started to follow the Houston Texans, but I just didn't have the feeling that they are my team. I think the Titans are the ones to root for! After all, they are the original Oilers :)

    I'm going to watch as much games as I can and I will root for the Titans now. Hopefully this community is much friendlier for an European footballfan (and player)!

    Go Tennessee, Go Titans!
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  10. OhioTitan

    OhioTitan GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    Hey whats up everyone
    ive been lurking here for years, i joined awhile ago but havent been really been active posting that much yet. im a die hard ohio state fan (and michigan hater), and when eddy came to the oilers/titans i follwed him. i fell in love with the team and stayed once he left.

    Go Titans!
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