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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by kooldak, Jun 4, 2006.

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    By request from BiPolar -

    Some folks around the country were awaiting the list of players to be released on 6/1. They have been dissapointed. June 1 will never have the impact that it once had. If players get cut post-June 1, it will (for the most part) be strictly coincidental & performance related. Why? The new CBA changes things.

    1. Teams used to cut players post-June 1 in order to spread a CAP hit over 2 years instead of one year.

    2. The new CBA now allows for any 2 players to be cut anytime prior to June 1 and still get a second year to spread the hit. This was negotiated into the CBA to allow veterans players to be cut sooner and have a better opportunity to catch on with another team. 2 players per team = 64 players. See how the numbers of post-June 1 cuts quickly dries up? That is the intention.

    3. Because of the CBA negotiation process, a waiver was allowed this year so that teams could release players earlier. So most players who would have been released after June 1 in prior years have already been released.

    4. With the significant increase in salary CAP this year, some teams do not have as much need to spread the hit and can take a full CAP hit this year, putting them in better position CAP-wise for next year.

    5. Players released post-June 1 will probably come after mini camps or training camp - once the team has had a chance to evaluate the performance of other players. IOW, because of performance, not CAP issues.

    So, bottom line -
    Don't expect the wave of June 1 cuts that we are used to seeing.

    Here is another link that explains more - Link
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    Thanks kooldak. I really thought that was a great post full of information that people could benefit from. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. ya, i agree, great post and thanks for all of the information
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    NP. Glad its useful...
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