The guessing game: How many pts will we give up to the Colts?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. SwingOnDeezBalz

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    multi-part answer. (I know you asked Gray, not me, but I'll chime in anyway).

    1) You're thinking of the Colts D as our D from last year, which was one of the most over-achieving defenses in league history. The whole was much greater than the sum of its parts. Now, with a few losses (especially Thornton) that 'whole' has been disrupted. Even with everyone healthy, we don't have the defense that played so well last season.

    2) We do have injury issues. Corey Simon is just as important to our run defense as Peyton Manning is to our offense. He hasn't played yet this year. He may not play against the Titans either, because it's another win-able game without him (no offense).

    3) Bob Sanders hasn't played in two weeks either. He's the best player on our defense not named Dwight.

    4) We are VASTLY undersized. Even Freeney is very small for his position, and he's much bigger than Robert Mathis who plays opposite him. Gilbert Gardner, our replacement for Thornton, is the skinniest linebacker in the NFL, and he's not very good. Raheem Brock is starting at D tackle, and he's a defensive end.

    5) We have secondary issues. Nick Harper is our best corner, and he's hurt. Marlin Jackson, our 1st rd pick last year, is hurt too. Antoine Bethea, a 6th rd pick this year, is starting at safety with Mike Doss, who amazingly lost his starting job to Bethea!

    Basically, personnel-wise, we're one of the worst defensive units in the league this year. We still over-achieve, but we're hurtin. This will change when Simon, Sanders, Harper, and Marlin are healthy.
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    Thanks Swing.

    So is there reason to believe our O can have some success?

    By the way since we're being all respectful & friendly from a pure football point of view, Colts last drive with no timeouts was stunning to watch. 9 plays 61 yards in 1min 30sec.
  3. berkmanmvp2

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    48-10, colts.
    this team is awful especially defensively. and offensively. i don't think the special teams are that bad though.
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    Load's of Injurie's right now...the BYE is looking good right now here!
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    Can I get a AMEN here for the Rev.Swingman and his Truth
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    Let's put it this way, if you could afford to run the ball all game, you'd get a ton of yards. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll have that luxury. Our defense is awfully good in predictable passing situations, and I think you'll be playing from behind for most, if not all of the game, thus our D will look better to you guys than we actually are.
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    thanks for stopping in Gray, Swing.
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    No prob.
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